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Machbel, Fotografiando el Mundo

Machbel – Making pictures of the World, is the blog of Victor Gomez, a young Canarian settled in Asturias who has made his passion for photography and travel his way of life. Machbel, the name by which he is known on the Internet, aims to advise future travelers through his personal experiences and offer his worldview from the viewfinder of his trusty camera.


How did the idea of creating “Machbel” come from?

Machbel emerged over 10 years ago as a way to share the pictures made with my newly acquired reflex, and then I used it to show some great trips I made. It was just a way of showing beautiful places, but never thought I would live this.

After visiting so many countries and cultures, sure you have lived hundreds of experiences. Which one is your favorite?

Escocia Machbel

Scotland landscapes (Autor: Machbel)

Basically the experience I value the most is to meet people who for a few minutes, hours or days, share with you their way of living and seeing the world. In a selfish way, I think that’s what enriches me as a traveler, and in the end, one remembers the countries for the people (or landscapes if it is in Scotland)

Do you think traveling is your way of life?

Yes. Now I can not be more than 15 days at home without doing a short break. I am currently about 4-5 months a year traveling, I enjoy it a lot, and I feel confortable with a suitcase or a backpack with me all time.

Which are your favorite places and which ones would you never recommend to other travelers?

Aurora Boreal en Finlandia

Finland (Autor: Machbel)

I enjoyed almost every place I’ve visited. Some not on my first trip, such as Romania, but I’ve loved to come back with better time or knowing better the country. One of the countries I’ve enjoyed the most, recently, is Jordan, because of the wonder called Petra and the sympathy of the people of the desert, the landscapes in Finland and how everything works perfectly and Sri Lanka and its people again.
I think the only destination where I would not consider returning in a short period of time is South Korea, because I didn’t enjoy much.

Your motivation is to inspire future travelers, What do you value the most when making a recommendation?

I always rely on my personal taste to make a recommendation, although sometimes I do not like something that everybody like, and in that case, I try to understand them and try to complement my opinion.

You have visited Barcelona many times, which place in Barcelona is your favorite?

Buff, how hard, there is a lot in Barcelona! A place to visit, definitely any Gaudi building. I love architecture. Whenever I visit the city I discover something new, so I still have much to explore.

How would you define Barcelona in a sentence?


Barcelona panoramic (Autor: Machbel)

Trendiness and tradition in a beautiful city.

What is indispensable in your bag for long trips?

Mar Muerto

(Autor: Machbel)

The camera, of course, always. It is the apology that I have to travel. I always take a mobile with me, to explain my adventures more or less in real-time, and the suit is something that is always with me. You never know where you’ll find a spa, a lake or a beach to dive.

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