Angelic voices, electronic in museums and stainless metal to finish August

You see that we are not on holiday. Nor are these cracks that will be in town to say goodbye to August with concerts that bring us angelic voices, electronics and stainless metal.


FOTO SASU RIPATTI (Archivo Vladislav Delay)

FOTO SASU RIPATTI (Archivo Vladislav Delay)

We start on a stage that had so far not yet recommended and uplifts music in the category of work of art, because it is basically a museum: The CaixaForum.Vladislav Delay aka Sasu Ripatti is an essential figure in experimental music. He has worked with many alias and different projects since the nineties and since his debut in 1997 has maintained a unique creative consistency. He faces his most techno side, always looking for different atmospheres with a strong influence of jazz. With this alias he has been working for important labels such as Raster Noton, Chain Reaction and Mille Plateaux and his own platform Huume. He has collaborated with many artists such as Mika Vainio, Mark Fell and Moritz von Oswald. His discography encompasses many genres, from dub and minimal techno to deep house, electro and even drum and bass and footwork, always from an experimental and unusual background, which makes his live performances unique, unpredictable. Museum pieces.

19/07. CaixaFòrum, Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia 6-8, Barcelona. 22:00h. 12€


Foto Natalie Prass (Archivo Natalie Prass)

Foto Natalie Prass (Archivo Natalie Prass)

Do you know the young and lovely Natalie Prass? Based in Nashville (after a journey that has taken her from her native Virginia there, passing through Cleveland and Boston), the US girl has achieved with her self-titled first album, released in January in Spacebomb, the label of her mentor Matthew E. White, to agree the four corners of the “Showbizz” on one thing: this is one of the most outstanding debuts of 2015. And it sounds like “Dusty in Memphis” updated if it was published today. A modern classic, timeless, non-vintage. Pop orchestrated in which the retro alchemy is subjected to the impulse of the XXI century and the rudder is lead by someone who could be an “emancipated Disney Princess” in the words of Pitchfork. Prass sings with clarity and realism, between the grandeur of the arrangements, with the fears and insecurities of our times.

26/08. Sidecar, Plaça Reial 7, Barcelona. 21:00h. 15€.


Metal lovers are lucky! Swedish extreme and progressive metal band Loch Vostok released in March this year its 6th studio album “From These Waters”, making it clear that they remain very alive. Much more than metal, ranging from doom to übershred, from death metal to djent. And that is what makes them so great. Willing to not go unnoticed, they invite us to enter their unique and amazing sound and its way of doing and understanding music, one of major events in Razz this summer. Do not miss the one and only appointment with the swedes in Spain this year.

28/08. Razzmatazz, Almogàvers 122, Barcelona. 19:30h. 15€

Youth Hostel Barcelona

Archivo: Loch vostok


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