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Musées gratuits Barcelone - Museos gratuitos Barcelona

The city of Barcelona has more than 50 museums on various topics. But, do you know that many of them are free? Some of them have free admission every day of the year and others only some specific days of the week. This way you can get into museums without spending a penny! Travel to Barcelona and visit the free museums of Barcelona. Here we share with you a list of the Top Free museums.


  • History Museum of Barcelona ( MUHBA ). The MUHBA is a museum that stands on the entire city. This means that the Museum has several centers and facilities scattered throughout the city that tells the story of Barcelona. Some of these MUHBA facilities are free and can be visited every day, such as the Temple of Augustus, the Roman sepulchral Via, Santa Caterina or the Monastery of Pedralbes. Others are free but a few days , as the Parc Güell or the monumental Plaza del Rey (both are free on Sunday afternoons).

MUHBA - Museo d'historia de Barcelona

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  • Bagués-Masriera Museum. This is a very unusual museum that you’ll love if you like the modernist and Art Nouveau jewelry. The museum exhibits over 100 works by the artist Lluís Masriera, all between 1900 and 1925. The museum is free every day. So you can enjoy one of the finest exhibitions without spending money.
  • Funeral Carriage Museum of Barcelona. This is one of the most interesting museums in Barcelona and the entry is free all year. In ithis museum, 19 original pieces from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries are exhibited. You will find white carriages, dedicated only to the funeral ceremonies of children and maidens, and French style floats called Gothic, Imperial and Grand Doumond. These are amazing and worth seeing. In this free museum of Barcelona you will discover how were the rituals and funeral ceremonies in the past.
  • Other free museums in Barcelona. Besides the above mentioned museums, the most important museums of the city also offers free admission to the public one day a week. The Picasso Museum, Barcelona Blue Museum (Museu Blau), the Maritime Museum and the Music Museum are free every Sunday afternoon. The National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC ) is free on Saturday afternoons. And the exhibitions of the Design Museum of Barcelona are free the first Sunday of each month.

museu maritim Barcelona

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Here you have the list of the free entrance days of the most important or famous museums of Barcelona. Dare to visit Barcelona museums for free!

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