Tips to visit Barcelona

When you visit a city it is very important to know what you want to do, what not, where will you stay or how to arrive to the hotel, right? But there are many more things that are important and you should know before you get to your destination to not having surprises. We will give you a few tips to visit Barcelona so you have everything under control.

The weather

Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate: temperatures rarely drop below 8 degrees in winter, while summer is quite hot. Therefore, you do not need wrap up too if you come to visit in winter, but if you come during the summer months better bring fresh clothes and a hat for sun protection.


Barcelona has a large network of public transport including train, bus, tram and metro. This means you can get almost anywhere in the city using public transport, so one of the best tips for visiting Barcelona we can give you is to acquire a tourist card. You’ll save a lot of money and you can buy it in advance, so it will still be cheaper.

Directions to hotel

As the transport network is extensive, we encourage you to learn well about how to get to the hotel you have chosen. Whether you come to the city by plane, train or boat, sure have close links to the public transport closer to your destination.

The telephone numbers

When we go on vacation we do not usually keep in mind that we can suffer an accident, but it it better to know where to go if something happens. A good tip to enjoy Barcelona with confidence is that before reaching the city you keep these phones:

Medical Emergencies: 061
Local Police: 092
Lost Property Office: 010

Better safe than sorry! It may happen a thousand things, from losing the portfolio to having an accident. Who knows? If you have these numbers, you can act more quickly to the unexpected.

Tourist information offices

In Barcelona you will find many information points. To visit an information point near your hotel is an excellent idea to make your visit easier: they will give you advice to visit Barcelona, city maps, discounts for tickets…


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