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Barcelona is one of the cities in Europe with a larger and better connected network of public transport. Among all transport, the most used are metro, train, bus and taxi. Depending on our destination and the time that we have to get to it we will choose one or another. If we just have counted minutes the best way to transport is by taxi. Although it may seem simple to use, there are a number of tips and recommendations you should consider to take a taxi in Barcelona.

The most important thing is knowing how identify it. Official taxis in the old city are those painted black and yellow on the sides, have stickers with the identification number of the taxi and phone number to arrange transfers and the sign on the roof of the car that indicates if free or busy. The easiest way to get a taxi is going to a taxi stop. Also counting the metropolitan area, Barcelona has more than 200 stops easily identifiable by the accumulation of taxis, parked one behind the other, and spread everywhere.

When wanting to get a taxi at one of the stops it is important to note that you must follow the order of arrival at the stop and make use of the taxi in the first position, no central or last. Also, taxi drivers who are outstanding in a radius of 50 meters from the stop can not take any customer, so you must go to place for getting. Furthermore, when multiple clients want to use the same taxi, the driver must follow a set of rules to select the customer. Such indications are: will go first pregnant women, elderly or physically disabled, sick or people with young children adults.

If you are not near a bus stop and want to use a taxi to move around Barcelona, ​​another very effective and quick way to hire the service is by telephone. The service has more than 20 radio-taxi, each corresponding to a fleet of certain taxis, so to find the one that is closest to your location you should go to the official website of Barcelona taxis (

Keep these tips in mind and make use of taxi in Barcelona to get around the city quickly and comfortably.

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