The best sushi restaurants in Barcelona

El mejor sushi de Barcelona

The sushi is more art than food. In Barcelona, ​​the tradition of eating raw fish is very popular and today, there are so many sushi restaurants in Barcelona so an extensive guide would be necessary to mention them all; however, we will try to go to the practical and introduce the best options to enjoy sushi, sashimi and other Japanese culinary delights.

Where is the best sushi in Barcelona prepared?


The Minamo offers the most spectacular experience you can imagine in a table. Gourmet menus offer dishes such as dashi broth, bonito tataki, sashimi tuna and wild salmon, and seasoned with a selection of sushi that moves between nigiri, and maki rolls. The only handicap is the price: very high for most pockets (60 to € 100 per person), but the Zen garden and the experience must be tasted once in life.


Minamo (Consell de Cent, 360)


For quality, price and quantity Sakura-ya Japanese restaurant is the best known in Barcelona. The quality of the food is spectacular and the price of lunch menu makes it unthinkable to see the place empty (about 12 euros). Yes, there is a problem: it is always full!

Sakura-ya (Avenida Diagonal, 557)

Doble ZerOO

Considered the best Japanese restaurant to go with children in Barcelona: children’s menu, areas to play, people who take care of children … And other visitors, parents or not, they also say it is incredible

Doble ZerOO (Jaume Giralt, 53)

Sushi Kokoro

California roll, shrimp nigiri, or sushi and maki varied accompanying chef tasting menu and very suggestive average price (15 € approximately). Try their tempura and yakisoba proposals, you’ll love it!

Sushi Kokoro (Europa, 18)

Koy Shunka

Fighting for the position of best Japanese sushi and traditional Japanese cuisine in Spain, the beloved Shunka is another place of the award-winning chefs Xu Zhangchao  and Hideki Matsuhisa and they seem to do magic around the big cedar sushi bar. They have a Michelin star, so maybe the average price of € 90 per person will be too much.

Koy Shunka (Copons, 7)

Yoi Yoi Gion

Customers highlight its high quality at competitive prices, however, his menu, where we suggest you the udon soup or tempura with rice, it is short but well chosen: gyoza, edamame, karaage, and with the firm intention to show to customers that a Japanese restaurant can offer other products and dishes beyond sushi.

Yoi Yoi Gion (Avenida Diagonal, 383)

These are some of the best sushi restaurants in Barcelona, but there are other as Matsuri, Monster Suchi, Ikibana, Nakashita or Kuo. It is clear that in Barcelona you can enjoy high quality sushi for all budgets. They will not disappoint you!

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