The best plans for 2018 in Barcelona

If you are thinking of coming to Barcelona in 2018, you are lucky. After receiving the New Year, Barcelona gives the kick-off to numerous unavoidable events, typical for one of the most avant-garde cities in Europe.

Pioneer in numerous trends, the Catalan city becomes attractive and object of desire of many young people who dare with national and international escapades. Go prepare the bags, because after reviewing the 20 most attractive plans, you will be overwhelmed by the desire to stay in 2018 in Barcelona.

The best plans to enjoy Barcelona in 2018

If Barcelona would be characterized by something, it would be – a city full of contrasts. A city that does not leave anyone indifferent.

Less touristic Barcelona, but the most attractive in Los Tres Tombs

Assuming you will visit the Sagrada Familia and the most emblematic tourist spots for all those who travel to the Catalan city, we propose other plans with less tourist appointments, but no less interesting.

Dare to know the most authentic Barcelona. For this, if you visit the city in January, you can not miss the party of Los Tres Tombs in the neighborhoods of Sant Antoni and Sant Andreu. A popular party that is celebrated on January 17 filled with culinary samples, concerts and endless activities to commemorate the day of the patron saint of animals.

The Laia or its big winter party

catedral de barcelona

The Gothic Quarter and Barcelona city celebrate their winter festivities in February with the spectacular Llum Festival.

This event takes place the second week of February. The festivities of Santa Eulalia, “La Laia” offers original initiatives and popular events concentrated in the Town Hall, the Paseo Marítimo and Santa Eulàlia. Craftsmanship and tradition come together with modernity and color in the Llum Festival of the Santa Eulàlia Festivities.

St. Patrick’s Day and Sant Medir, two other irresistible plans

On March 17, the feast of St. Patrick, originally from Ireland, pass through Barcelona. The party is live with special interest in the Irish Pubs of Barcelona and in the streets of Pedralbes. Do not forget to take something green.

Sant Medir is another celebration that we recommend you attend. It is a pilgrimage that takes place, in the month of March, the neighborhoods of Gracia, Sant Gervasi and Sant Cugat del Vallés. You will be surprised by the launch of candies during the tour.

semana santa

Holy Week is lived intensely in Barcelona on Palm Sunday and Good Friday.

Holy Week or the Rally of Barcelona, are other unmissable events in Barcelona during the spring months.

In Barcelona, 2018 will be the year of the festivals

If there is a plan that abounds in Barcelona this 2018, it is the festivals. There is something for all tastes and all styles: Guitar Festival (January – June), Primavera Sound (May), Sonar (June), Jardins de Pedralbes Festival (June-July), Barcelona Beach Festival (July), Tomorrowland Barcelona (July), Cruïlla Festival (July), Rock Fest (July), Grec Festival (July), DGTL BCN (August), Mas i Mas (August), BAM (September), Barcelona Jazz Festival (November) or the Festival of the Mil·lenni (November-January).


The traditional castellets are present in the popular festivals of Barcelona.

But not only festivals live in Barcelona, the popular festivals of the neighborhoods and the city itself are always welcome among tourists and city dwellers. The most outstanding are the Fiestas de los barrios de Gràcia and Sants (August) and the La Mercé party on September 24th. Without forgetting the Festival of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera, the Fiesta Mayor of Poblesec or the Fiesta Mayor del Raval.

Other plans that you can not stop doing during 2018 in Barcelona is to enjoy the music in the parks during the summer months, the Brunch In the Park in Montjuïc, diner under the stars in the Fabra Observatory or Els Vespres of the UB.

If you do not want to miss any plans, book your accommodation at the Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel and enjoy the best plans for 2018 in Barcelona.

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