The best Barcelona’s mobile apps

Descubre las mejores Apps de Barcelona

Mobile applications related to Barcelona are increasingly necessary to discover all the activities, events, concerts, restaurants, shops… Whether you live in the city and if you come to visit you must know the apps that are essential to have the most useful information. You will discover that the Mobile World Capital, in occasion of the annual organization of the Mobile World Congress, is a city that is constantly updated and… you should be informed!

Let’s recommend the best apps of Barcelona!


TMB app, to know how to move around the city

To enjoy the city you will need applications that help you find your way around the streets and to reduce time to go from one place to another. The best to move aroud is the classic Google Maps. Google Maps helps you navigate a city map and contains updated information regarding sights. The app Citymapper offers a comprehensive guide that allows you to calculate transport paths that interest you to get anywhere. The app TMB Virtual will also inform you about lines, schedules, routes and stations of all public transport in the city. You no longer have an excuse for being late because of the public transport!

If you want to learn more about the emblematic buildings, history, etc. Big Time BCN app will help you to interact with the main buildings and monuments of Barcelona. It is an app that meets the expectations of architects, historians and lovers of artistic and cultural expressions. The app BCN Design Tour will also show you the latest in art, music and trends of Barcelona. If you are a lover of design and art, do not miss it! And what about TimeOut! It is another excellent app that will guide you and show you the buildings, museums and attractions.



Citymapper is one of the best apps of Barcelona

Nothing better to find a place to have lunch, dinner or a drink than the TripAdvisor app. It is a tool that offers a comprehensive guide of bars and restaurants, which also includes the valuation of its members. Another interesting and related to the previous one is Eltenedor, with which you can select by categories what kind of food you want to taste, in which area, what price… Now that you know how to move and where to eat, we give you a break! IBeach is a perfect app if you go to Barcelona beach. It provides information about temperature, wind, available services, etc. If you prefer a good walk, goolNatura will help you find areas of interest, select routes…

Finally we recommend you the best of all apps, Apps4bcn. It has expert reviews, you can refine your search by category… the best application, and it is made in Barcelona!


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