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In recent years, skateboarding has reached more importance and increased the number of skaters, to become one of the most popular sports in Barcelona. Skate is a free street sport that is played on a table or skateboard. It consists of skate and perform jumps and spins on any flat surface located on the street, whether banks, walls, ramps, etc. Due to the characteristics of the spaces, Barcelona’s streets are ideal for the practice of this sport, and it is not surprising to see the most impressive skaters do tricks throughout the city. However, the laws are strict with the sport and to practice it in public areas can be fined, as it is prohibited. If you love skateboarding and decide to visit the city but do not know where to skate in Barcelona, then we show you the most popular places.


  • Macba. Plaça del Angels, where you find MACBA museum is one of the busiest places in Barcelona to practice skateboarding. The ramp, its banks and multiple steps, are a temptation for lovers of this sport.

skate MACBA

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  • Paral.lel. Especially at night, Parallel Avenue becomes a skate area, where skateboards invade any suitable surface to skate on it. If you do not know where to practice skate visit this area of Barcelona and enjoy each of its spaces.

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  • Plaça Universitat. This square is one of the favorite places for skaters. Banks and walls are great as long as the sport is done with great care and expertise.

skate universitat

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  • Estación de Sants. Right in front of the Sants Station, there is one of the most frequented places for skateboarders, Plaça de Sants. By having an area covered by a roof, is perfect for rainy days, although it is one of the most complicated and dangerous for the structure the spaces. It is recommended to have experience in the skate to practice it in this haunted place.
  • Fórum. Forum has become one of the most visited places for all kind of skaters, not only for skateboarders. Its smooth surface, benches, stairs, and in general, all spaces that compose it are ideal for the practice of all sports related to skating.
  • Skateparks. Since practicing skate in streets or places not authorized is prohibited, a number of Skateparks in Barcelona have opened to practice this sport without problems. One of the busiest is located in Mar Bella, but in the metropolitan area there are also some of the most prominent Skateparks, like in Esplugues de Llobregat or Parets del Vallés.

Always remember to take the necessary safety measures, such as wearing a helmet, knee and elbow pads, to go to the best places in Barcelona to practice skate.


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