Short trip to the Ebro Delta

Escapada al Delta del Ebro

One of the most beautiful areas in Catalonia is the Natural Park in the Ebro Delta, that we found in the mouth of the river of the same name in Tarragona, with more than 7,700 hectares which was declared a natural park in 1983 and is part of the tarraconense biosphere reserve.

However, being in the province of Tarragona, you may be surprised that we talk about it in a blog article, right? The truth is that Barcelona is a great starting point from which to plan a trip to the Ebro Delta, about 180 km far and with a direct connection through the AP-7 or Autopista del Mediterráneo.



Pure Nature in the Ebro Delta

The Ebro Delta is presented with moderate temperatures throughout the year in the largest wetland of all the autonomous community: dry summers that contrast with a constant wind and high humidity that has allowed large rice fields from Catalonia to the Valencian Community.


Arrozales del Delta del Ebro

Rice fields (Autor: IHQ via / CC BY-SA )

In the northern delta area, you can visit lakes such as Ollas, separated from the sea by a sand barrier, or the Canal Viejo; it is well known the island of Buddha with the famous lighthouse of 53 meters and a large rice production that began to fall in late 1950. Although there are lakes in the north face, the size of the Cerrada and Encanyissada on the south, stand above all. The Encanyissada, annexed to Sant Carles de la Rapita, is the largest in the delta.

But why you should visit the Delta del Ebro? Beside the Doñana Natural Park and the French Camargue, the vegetation of the area is enormous because of its salinity changes: from biotopes (plant habitats) very heterogeneous where we can see reeds and reed beds across the delta, with centeneras of bird species: 316 common birds and 360 of the 600 types of European birds.


Fauna del Delta del Ebro

(Autor: ramonbaile via / CC BY-SA )

Also, a trip to the Delta del Ebro allows us to approach the human history closer to the Maritime work, where fishing and aquaculture activities join the own agriculture of this area of ​​coastline with more than 20,000 hectares of rice fields.

Can you think of anything better than a visit to this area, and a tour in one of the most important points in Spain just over an hour away? 

In Catalonia there are many places worth visiting, this is the case of the Ebro Delta. If you want to visit it, the proximity of the Hostel Pere Tarrés to Sants station and its facilities make it the best hostel in Barcelona. Stay with us and discover the largest wetland in Catalonia!



Youth Hostel Barcelona

Photo credit: Sílvia Martín via / CC BY


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