Safety tips for safe holidays in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most interesting and safest cities in Europe, attracting millions of visitors each year. However, as in any large city, it’s necessary to take care about personal safety.

For this reason, Policia de la Generalitat-Mossos d’Esquadra provides the following safety tips to make your visit to Catalonia safer and more enjoyable.

Before travelling

Before you leave your home, collect the necessary information, such as addresses and telephone numbers of services and organizations, which can become very useful in certain situations.

Consulates will help you in case of need, so it is convenient to know where are them located in the place you are visiting, as well as the contact telephone number.

During the trip

  • In the hotel: 
Lock your room while sleeping or when you leave and use the safe box.
  • In the street: 
Always take an ID document with you and the address of your hotel. 
Be vigilant with your personal belongings when traveling with public transport. 
Make sure your handbag and camera are worn cross- strapped in front of your body. Keep your wallet in the inner pockets. 
Mistrust those who try to divert your attention with excuses such as: you have a stain on your clothes, trying to sell you flowers or to get your signature to support a cause. 
Do not take part in street games for money, they are a scam. 
The illegal sale of goods in the street seriously damages the commercial network of the city. Furthermore, there’s is no health control of these items. Therefore, you are advised against buying drink cans, CD’s, handbags, etc. to unauthorized places.
  • On the road: 
Always adhere to traffic regulations and do not stop to requirements from strangers. Only stop at designated well-lit areas. Do not leave valuables in a visible place in the car.
  • On the beach: 
Pay attention to the warning flags in order to know the state of the sea and how safe the bath is. 
Do not take valuables with you and only take what you strictly need. Keep your belongings with you at all times and never lose sight of them.
  • Leisure activities: You will find a large offer of leisure activities and shows in Catalonia. Buy your tickets through authorized places and not through individuals in the street, even though you are offered apparently interesting discounts. In bars and restaurants, always request the menu before ordering to avoid misunderstandings and surprises when paying. Never sleep on a beach or in a public area.
  • Attendance at congresses: Police prevention is handled in these situations. Nonetheless, you should adopt preventing measures, such as not wearing the badge in a visible place outside the venue of the congress or be vigilant with your personal belongings.


You will find different police forces in Catalonia with their relevant functions. Regarding public safety you can go to Policia de la Generalitat – Mossos d’Esquadra or Guardia Urbana / Local Police. You might find police officers in plain clothes, who you will properly identify through their accreditation.

If you have any question or require police services, please dial 112, 24/7. This phone number is for all emergency services: police, medical assistance or fire fighters. It is free and works even though there is no telephone coverage.

If you would like to submit a report, you can go to any of the police stations in the city. They are open 24/7. Through the 012 citizens’ service you will be informed about the nearest one.

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