Mona de Pascua: a sweet tradition

Bodegón de una Mona de Pascua con forma de Pinoccio en una pastelería

If you visit Barcelona during the Easter holidays and you are passionate about chocolate, you’re in luck! Because here, the most famous “Monas” are not made of Catalan cream or meringue… They are made with chocolate! A Mona is a cake, usually made of chocolate, very typical in Catalonia in Easter. If you can not resist, we will explain you where to buy the best Easter cakes in Barcelona.

Although traditionally the “Mona” is a sponge cake topped with cream or crème brûlée, over the years chocolate cakes have been popularized. Let’s discover the best pastries!

  • Escribà. This is the place if you want to buy surprising and original cakes. Their pastry chefs are specialized in chocolate. To choose just one Mona will be complicated, you’ll see! They are in Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 546.
  • Ochiai Takashi. This pastry is specialized in Japanese confectionery, but also have a lot of art developing local recipes. Their Easter cakes are ideal for those who dare the unknown.
  • Natcha. Here you will find some of the best creations throughout the city. Their cakes are wonderful! Try them in Av. de Sarria 45.
  • Bocí. A story that already exceeds 50 years is what makes Bocí an indispensable pastry: you will fall in love with their huge variety of Mona. Find them in Vía Augusta, 112.
  • Foix de Sarria. More than a century of history is a perfect cover letter for a bakery that not only does wonders with Easter cakes, but offers recipes even from other countries. They are in Pl. Sarria, 12-13.
  • Baixas. They have incredible Monas that will delight the little ones. From houses to real railroads, they will be amazed. You can check it in Muntaner, 331.
  • Sacha. A safe bet if you want a delicious, original and cute Mona. Come to Vallmajor, 31 to delight with their offer.
  • Oriol Balaguer. Barcelona’s original Easter cakes await you here. Mixtures unimaginable, amazing aromas and impossible shapes are combined in a simply irresistible cake.
  • Bopan. Natural products, a variety and unique creations. Can you think of better reasons to get closer to this store? It is located in Muntaner, 532.
  • Bubo. This bakery awaits you in El Born and has won several awards, and no wonder: their Easter cakes are true works of art.

The truth is that we have left some other wonderful pastries such as La Farga, but there is so much variety that choose only 10 is an almost impossible mission. We encourage you, if you visit Barcelona during the holidays, do not leave without trying this delicious dessert.


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