Free activities in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona organizes every year hundreds of activities in leisure centers and open spaces that promote culture and entertainment. However, many of them require the purchase of a ticket and may not be accessible to all. But, what if you have many of the activities for free and open to all public? It seems incredible but is true, the city has many free events during the year. If you are interested in discovering free events in Barcelona, ​​we show some them below:

  • Free concerts in Barcelona. Many artists offer free concerts in Barcelona where you can go without paying anything. In addition to individual concerts, you can also enjoy free music festivals like Festival Barcelona Accio Musical or Caixa Sabadell Etnival.
  • Free cinema and theater in Barcelona. Not long ago, the neighborhood associations in different neighborhoods of Barcelona began organizing film sessions and plays completely free and open to everyone. In addition,there are also free film festivals such as the International Film Festival, Peace and Human Rights of Barcelona or Futureshorts: European Short Film Festival.
  • Museums, exhibitions and free art in Barcelona. Organizations such as Gremio de galerías de arte de Cataluña and Casa Elizalde, among many others, organize every year exhibitions of all kinds, art galleries, etc., totally free. Also, most museums, including the best known as the Picasso Museum and the MNAC, offer free admission on the first Sunday of each month.
  • Free Seminars and conferences in Barcelona. Libraries, bookstores and even the most famous buildings of Gaudi, like La Pedrera, offer lectures, seminars and conferences of great interest and totally free.
  • Free Training in Barcelona. Learning languages​​, computer courses, programming and video editing are just some of the completely free training courses you can do in the city of Barcelona. Find the one you like and train yourself without spending anything!
  • Free Sports in Barcelona. Of course, sports activities could not be missing. Since 2009, many gyms in Barcelona offer their facilities for free to all those who are unemployed. In addition, it also has free events open to everyone, as  tai-chi or chi-kung classes, practiced in parks and public spaces of Barcelona.
  • Free Activities for Kids in Barcelona. Barcelona does not forget the youngsters and each year organizes activities, workshops, film sessions, games, etc., free activities for children. If you have children, you can not miss the opportunity to discover the incredible range of free activities for them and let them have a good time without spending anything.


With these free events in Barcelona you can take advantage of your free time and enjoy the culture without spending a penny!

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