Escape to the Monastery of Montserrat

Escapada al Monasterio de Montserrat

From Pilgrimage routes to tourist visits to see all the magic of one of the most important monasteries in Catalonia. The monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat, a Benedictine religious center located on the mountain of Montserrat, is one of the most respected symbols for the Catalans and the most visited by tourists.

Montserrat Monastery: Pilgrimage Center

The Basilica of Montserrat emerges through a history of pilgrimage where the Black Madonna, as it is popularly known the Virgin of Montserrat, is embodied in a Romanesque sculpture of the twelfth century that today rests inside the enclosure and the traditional legend located, in 880, inside a cave.

Today, a trip to the monastery of Montserrat is almost mandatory if you stay in Barcelona. The premises are currently divided into the space of the basilica which houses the offices of the monks and commercial buildings to serve the pilgrims and visitors, with restaurants, souvenir shops, and more. As usual, the order Ora et Labora has reserved an interior space for their everyday, while the area of ​​the basilica is totally visitable.


La virgen de Montserrat es también conocida como La Moreneta

 La Moreneta (Autor: Catedrales e Iglesias / / CC BY)

The main building mixes elements of late Gothic and early Renaissance that begun to sink in Catalonia in the sixteenth century, and it still took more strength during its reconstruction in the nineteenth after the French War.

Part of its importance is also historic, being the nerve center of one of the hundreds of episodes of religious persecution in war and support for improvements at the end of the Franco dictatorship. Similarly, part of its importance is related to more positive issues: as the success and fame of the Choir of Montserrat, one of the oldest choirs in all Europe.

If you decide to make a visit, you can not miss the cloister of the modernist architect Puig i Cadafalch, and the refectory, that he also renovated, and the museum of modern and old painting and archeology of the East.


Many people make pilgrimage walks from Barcelona to the Monastery of Montserrat. More than 60 km in one night!

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