Escape to Caldas de Montbui

Escapada a Caldas de Montbui

Caldas de Montbui is a small town located in the province of Barcelona that offers you pleasant surprises. Specifically, it is 35 kilometers from the Ciudad Condal and, perhaps for this reason, urbanizations abound in it, inhabited by people seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Escape to Caldas de Montbui

Caldas de Montbui belongs to the Vallés Oriental region and you can reach it by car through highways C-33 and C-59. However, there are also several bus lines that make the route and that leave from different points of Barcelona such as La Sagrera or Avenida Meridiana.

What to see in Caldas de Montbui

Once explained how to go to Caldas de Montbui, we will tell you some interesting things you can do locally. It is famous for its thermal waters, which were already used by the Romans (in fact, the term “caldas” refers to the heat of those waters).

Termas de Caldas de Montbui

Caldas de Montbui is located on a spa from which water flows at 74ºC.

In the square of the village, you will find the Lion’s Fountain, built in 1581 and very close, the Roman baths, considered the best preserved in our country, that you can visit. Also, very close you will find Thermalia, an exhibition center where they are dedicated to the culture of water with other cultures of artistic nature.

Among the latter, highlights the Manolo Hugué Museum, one of the great surprises of Caldas. This was an intimate sculptor friend of Picasso and, in the halls, you will find both his works and an important collection of works by the Malaga artist, world famous for creating pictorial Cubism.

It is not the only museum in Caldas. An interesting place is also the Ethnographic Museum located in the noucentista Casa Delger, which recreates the daily life of a family of the area in the eighteenth century.

On the other hand, as the waters of the town are so healthy, you will also find resorts and spas in the area. The most famous is the Broquetas, where you can take advantage of those waters rich in chlorine, bromine, iodine and fluorine. This composition makes them highly recommended for ailments such as arthritis and all types of bone fractures. Even if you do not suffer, a treatment with them will leave you as good as new.

It is also worth visiting the parish church of Santa María. Its construction began in 1589, but it would not finish until 1714 and its facade is a perfect example of the Catalan baroque. In addition, they emphasize their Solomon columns, created by the French Pere Ruppin, and the stature of “the Santa Majestad”, whose superior part dates of century XV.

Finally, you should not end your getaway to Caldas de Montbui without enjoying its gastronomy. Typical dishes of the locality are those prepared with “mongetes del ganxet” (a special type of beans), sausages and honey, as well as desserts such as “carquinyolis“, made with flour, almonds and sugar. To finish the meal, a glass of orange anise or “Flors de Remei” liqueur also typical of the town.

Shortly, if you stay at the Youth Hostel Pere Tarrés and want to enjoy nature, it is highly recommended that you come to Caldas de Montbui.

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