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¡Descubre los 5 mejores restaurantes vegetarianos de Barcelona! - Teresa Carles Fresh Bar

In Barcelona, ​​the choice of restaurants is huge: there are thousands of places to choose. But what about those people who choose not to eat meat or fish, or do not eat any animal products? Sometimes it can seem complicated going out in these circumstances, but because of the wide range of vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona, ​​that does not happen in the city.

Today we bring you a selection with the 5 best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona without having to eat anything of animal origin. And watch out, there are many more! The offer is varied and there are local of all kinds, from small bakeries to large restaurants.



Teresa Carles Sala 1

(Autor: Teresa Carles)

Teresa Carles. Here vegetarian cooking and cuisine come together: aubergine timbale with figs speaks for itself. One of the most important vegetarian restaurants in the city whose dishes you can taste in Jovellanos Street, 2, between stops Catalunya (Metro L1 and L3) and Universitat (Metro L1 and L2).



BioCenter (Autor:Facebook biocenter)

This was one of the first vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona: it opened its doors in 1980 and since then has become a restaurant of reference for anyone following this diet or who simply feel like eating something different. Indispensable carrot cakes with mint and kefir. It is located in El Raval, between stops Catalunya (red and green lines) and Liceu (green line): Pintor Fortuny Street , 25.


Cat Bar. Not too far from Biocente, next to stop Jaume I (yellow line), this bar-restaurant has punk ambient and is cat friendly. It is not only recommended for its huge beer supply but also because they have an excellent menu, which claim to have the best veggie burger in Barcelona.


La vitamínica. Horta is a neighborhood with character, as this place shows with a vegetarian offerings between products of all kinds. An interesting integration of diets that makes it a unique place. It is in Passeig Maragall, 413.


This little gem is still undiscovered. It is a small place you’ll find in Travessera de Gràcia, 203: very close to the Teatreneu and Metro stops Fontana (L3) and Joanic (L4). In their menu you will find vegan and vegetarian options, and you must try the carrot cake and milkshake of avocado, apple and lime.

Like we said before, there are a lot more vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona and this is a very small selection, but if you have never tried it, we recommend you to do it now.

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