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In recent years, in Barcelona,  urban bicycle rental has become fashionable for getting around the city. And it is that in Barcelona to travel by private transportation can be a bit expensive, besides damaging the environment. The excellent communication and the variety of public transportation around the city allow you to move easy and comfortable. However, public transportation continues to have a high degree of contamination and therefore Barcelona began promoting sustainability activities such as bike rental.

If you love cycling and you want to save some money on transportation, or you’re just visiting and you want to visit Barcelona by bike, the city offers a wide range of bicycle rental services. In Oficina de la bicicleta you can check any information, questions or concerns you have about bike rental in Barcelona. The city has a network of lanes very well connected, bike parkings, and strict rules based on safety, civility and respect for both cyclists and pedestrians.

Among all bike rental services offered in Barcelona, the most prominent are Bicing and Bicicampus, although there are private companies that also provide this service. Bicing is a public service that the City Council developed and promoted in order to enhance sustainable development of the city and facilitate the mobility of its citizens. To rent a bike you should register in the website and get your card. This card requires a monthly subscription that allows the use of bicycles for journeys of 30 minutes.

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So, once you have the card, all you have to do is bring it to the reader, follow the instructions on the screen and remove the bicycle. No need to return the bike to the same station you picked, you can park it at any Bicing parking.

As for Bicicampus, it is an initiative of the Bicycle Club of Catalunya (BACC) dedicated to specific members from three universities. To rent a Bicicampus bike, you must also register yourself in the service through the website, and ask for a bicycle according to the university in which you are enrolled. You can only register and use this service if you are university student, teacher, researcher or administrative staff of Universidad de Barcelona (UB), Universidad Ramon Llull (URL) and Universidad Rovira i Virgili (URV). This service is free.

With regard to private companies, they are mainly dedicated to bicycle rental for tourists and their cost is higher than the services above.

Rent a bike and run through Barcelona spending less money on transportation!


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