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Craft beer is fashionable. The craft brewing is present in countless bars and pubs in the city of Barcelona and is acquiring a role that borders the one that plays industrial beer. This is due to the glaring inequalities between the two beers. The main ingredients in any beer are barley, water, hops and yeast, the difference lies in the treatment of  materials and the manufacturing process.


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Craft beer uses no artificial additives or preservatives, and in its manufacturing process it does’nt use filtration or pasteurization for the beer to keep all its properties. There are two types of producers of craft beer, craft brewers and microbreweries. The first do all the development process manually, from grinding the malt to bottle the beer, while the microbreweries have more material and equipment, such as pumps or filters and do not do all the process homemade. In both cases beer is associated with bar or pub, unlike industrial beer that is associated to the brand.

Do you like beer? If so, and you have never tried a craft beer, we encourage you to taste its delicious taste and we show you which are the most popular and best rated bars and pubs with craft beer in Barcelona.


  • L’Eixample. This district includes some of the most outstanding areas of Barcelona for its historical monuments and cultural buildings, for its environment, for having some of the most commercial streets of the city and, of course, for its bars and pubs. Here we find the most popular craft beer bars, like La Mes Petita, La Resistència, Bar Belchica, Biercab or La Cerveseria Clandestina, among many others.


  • Barri Gòtic. The Gothic Quarter stands above all for having one of the pioneer bar in making craft beer, La Cerveteca, and other more recent, modern and innovative like La Sede.

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  • Others. Barcelona has many bars and pubs known for the preparation of craft beer distributed throughout its neighborhoods. We can also find the pub La Cervesera Artesana of Gràcia, La Cervecita of Sant Martí, Taverna Raco of Sants, Cervecería Jazz in Poble-Sec, Cervería El Vaso de Oro in Barceloneta, Homo Sibaris and La Maison Belge in Sants, or Ale&Hop in Born, among many others.

All these bars and pubs in Barcelona have ​​countless handmade beers that provide, with original, innovative and different ingredients, a unique flavor. Do not miss them!


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