Barcelona’s best beaches for a dip


Barcelona is a city of tourism, leisure, business, with cultural and nightlife offer, where events and concerts are organized… And, of course, also a city where you can relax! So, if you enjoy the sea, water sports, being with friends or family,you will love the beaches that bathe the entire Barcelona coastline!

Well connected spaces, equipped with everything you need to enjoy a day off in the sand or a volleyball afternoon. With all the resources necessary to explore and different possibilities of sports and gourmet cooking; for all ages!

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The 10 beaches that you can not miss in Barcelona!

1. Barceloneta Beach


Barceloneta is one of the largest and most historic beaches, making you breathe the true atmosphere of the eighties. You will enjoy its beach bars where you can taste fish dishes, seafood and tapas, and all its resources that will make your bath an unforgettable experience. If you want a good busy beach, people of the neighborhood, the city itself and tourists, and with great natural wealth, visit it!

2. Somorrostro Beach

City Council recently regained the name of this beach, to honor an old very typical poor neighborhood of the city. Thus, besides a swim on a beach with history, you will have educational resources in a space where exhibitions are organized, as well as a sports center and thalassotherapy.

3. Sant Miquel Beach


It is a central beach and therefore one of the busiest in the city. It is also one of the most historic beaches. If you want to take a dip on a beach with links to the neighborhood and the oldest part of the city, you must go!


4. Sant Sebastià Beach


In addition to finding links to the past, in this beach there is also room for the new. It is frequented by older people and by young people who give value to restaurant services and water sports services. And do not forget that this beach has a part reserved for nudists!

5. Nova Icària Beach



It is the calmest of the city, ideal to go with friends and family. If you take a dip in this beach, you will fell the ambience of Barcelona, of the cosmopolitan and artistic city. From its waters you will see the metal fish by the architect Frank Gehry.

6. Bogatell Beach


Newly created responds to the need to open the city to the sea. It is also frequented by an older people who finds their place in which not forget their origins.

7. Mar Bella Beach

This beach has place for naturism. Thus, it becomes a meeting point for diverse and cosmopolitan people, sports enthusiasts, students and other audiences.

8. Nova Mar Bella Beach


It is also the result of urban renewal that lived the city for years. If you want a quiet place, this is your beach! In it you will find mostly neighborhood residents, so that give it a very unique proximity and comfort.

9. Llevant Beach

It is the latest creation, further away from the city center and, thus, less crowded

10.  Forum baths Zone

Take a dip does not have to be synonymous to sink your feet into the sand. The bathing area of the Forum is fully integrated into the city. The access is via the stairs we find in the paved area.

Besides the beaches of the city of Barcelona, you can also find other nearby cities with beaches you’ll love just minutes from Barcelona, such as Sitges, Vilanova, Castelldefels, Calafell, and Blanes and very well connected by transport public.

Discover some of the best beaches in Barcelona!


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