What not to do in Barcelona

If you are coming to spend a few days in Barcelona is more than likely tempted to find the typical tourist spots, because you come here you can not miss them, right? Well, this is partially true, because Barcelona is more than just Sagrada FamiliaRamblas or Tibidabo. So if you do not want to look like a foreigner, we will explain you what not to do in Barcelona, okay?

First, we propose a different way to see the city, and through the thematic routes. We selected three subjects on which you’ll make a unique and personalized trip to discover all Barcelona. Here we go!

Barcelona is… cinema

Major international film scenes are framed in Barcelona, and visit those scenarios is one of the things you can do in Barcelona to see its less famous secrets. Go to the Labyrinth Park, in the district of Horta, to feel part of the filming of Perfume, travel the roads of All About My Mother… There are many possibilities and you will feel like a real movie star in the footsteps of Rita Hayworth, John Wayne, Scarlett Johansson or Claudia Cardinale.

Barcelona is… literature

Many works of Spanish literature happen in the streets of the city. Nothing like discovering Carmel and Sant Gervasi from Últimas tardes con Teresa to know how it has evolved the society in these neighborhoods, or trace back the footsteps of the characters of La Sombra del Viento by plaza San Felipe Neri, el Arco del Teatro, Montcada Street…There are many literary tours to follow throughout the city, and no doubt it is an excellent way to discover without looking like a tourist.

Barcelona is… music

From Shakira to Kylie Minogue, a number of artists have chosen Barcelona as the ideal scenario to record their video clips. La Barceloneta, Montjuic Park or the Gothic Quarter are some of the most favorite spots.

Certainly, if you want to know what not to do to look like a foreigner, the answer is clear: stay away from the most typical points! But also, try not to ask paella at every restaurant and avoid the Mexican hats and dresses dancer. It succeed greatly among foreigners, but little or nothing to do with the Catalan culture. Instead, try a good sausage (botifarra de pagès) or a plate of beans (Faves a la catalana).They will not let you down and you’re discovering the local cuisine!


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