Barcelona WiFI Friendly

Barcelona WIFI Friendly

If you are thinking of a good value holiday and a great atmosphere in a city. Have you already picked Barcelona as your next destination?

Barcelona has everything, classic and a modern side with a multitude of possibilities and activities. Moreover, you can now enjoy the city with a Barcelona WIFI from all corners of the city.


There are almost 590 Wi-Fi points located in a different districts of the city, as so you can be connected all the time without any loss of your data connection. Keep your Instagram up to date with the photos of your vacation! Furthermore, if you are in a place without Barcelona wifi, there is a SMS service which allows you to receive an advice from the municipal offices with available Wi-Fi connection, by simply entering a zip code of the city? Does this sound good to you?

Wouldn’t you like to lie on the beach and update your social networks or your email at the same time? Yes, as you read. In Barceloneta Beach you can sail (and not only on a sailboat thanks to this new service) in fact, if you want to have an unbeatable view of the sea without being on the sand, you can go to Port Vell.

How do you imagine your visit in Barcelona without passing through La Rouge, an authentic and genuine bar located in the Raval with concerts, photo shoots, books and what is the most important, a place where you can have a drink and connect to the network for free.

If you like more multimedia activities, on the other hand, in the district of Sants-Montjuïc you will find two points: the House of the Mig and the Marina that have open spaces and many services, Wifi apart, as talks and educational workshops, as well as equipment and software available for everyone. Over there you can retouch your photos, thanks to the Adobe package with free computer advice.

If you enjoy walking and breathing a pure air, without losing your data connection, you can do it in the Parc de la Ciutadella with a free WiFi connection. You have no excuses any more, not to lie on the green grass, while browsing. A real luxury.

Are you a cosmopolitan type and the calmness is too much? You can find a connection in the Plaça Espanya crossing with Paral·lel, in the Rambla del PobleNou or in places like Plaça Catalunya or Passeig de Gràcia, points you must visit. With your mobile you can orient yourself or use it to make your friends jealous, of what they are losing.

Therefore, for these and many other reasons Barcelona is a must city to visit . If you have free wifi, practically in the whole city, what are you waiting for to organize your getaway holidays? Just look for the blue W sign where you can have free Wi-Fi access.

Youth Hostel Pere Tarrés is a maximum quality cheap accommodation in Barcelona, with free access to internet for our clients. Welcome to Barcelona!

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