Barcelona Sants, the epicenter of rail transport

Barcelona Sants

If there is something that defines the city of Barcelona is undoubtedly the movement: thousands of visitors, tens of train lines, shops, restaurants… Barcelona Sants is one of the hubs of rail transport in Catalonia and, with no doubt, it is certainly the most important station of Barcelona, ​​and that’s the feeling of anyone walking through it. Here time passes quickly between platforms and wagons, and you’d better watch out if you do not want to get lost!

Barcelona Sants station construction began in the 70s, even there was already a railway line here from 1881. After successive renovations, the 2008 draft was the culminating with the addition of high-speed trains to this station.

Conceived today as a small airport, inside the station you’ll find restaurants, shops, a police station, car rental shops and toilets, as well as an extensive network of travel services: information and points of sale, lockers… In addition, the station has, on the outside, several parking areas, taxi and bus.

In Barcelona Sants all trains stop, Medium and Long Distance and also high speed; tracks are numbered according to the type of line: Track 1 to 6, for high-speed trains and 7 to 14 for commuter trains, Medium and Long Distance:

  • 7 and 8 include lines R1, R3, R4 y R7,
  • 9 and 10, lines R2, R10 and middle-distance trains that go south (towards Llobregat)
  • 11 and 12 are for long-distance trains, linking Barcelona with Paris, Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse
  • 13 and 14 to the R2, R10 lines and medium distance trains going to the north (Besos direction)

So, you have a thousand and one ways to reach Barcelona Sants. If your train does stop here or you have to change trains, you’re in the ideal place to not get bored: besides the shops you will also find an art fair in the back of the station -from Tuesday to Thursday- where crafts and jewelry are sold. Perfect to hang out while waiting for your train!

And around the station there are also interesting things to do: right next to the station there is the Industrial Spain Park -do not miss the dragon-shaped statue- and very close you will find the Carrer de Sants, really busy and with a lot of shops. The Youth hostel Pere Tarrés is near Barcelona Sants station, your ideal accommodation in Barcelona.


Youth Hostel Barcelona

Photo Credit:JT Curses [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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