10 things to do in Barcelona in winter

10 cosas que hacer en invierno en Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most touristic cities of Spain and, as usual, most tourists arrive in the warmer months, but during the spring and autumn also it is often busy. Maybe you think that there is nothing to do in winter in Barcelona, right? You are wrong! The coldest months of the year let you see one of the prettiest faces in the old city and there are lots of cool activities that you can not enjoy the rest of the year.


What to do in Barcelona in winter

There are many more, but here’s our top 10 winter activities in Barcelona. Take note!

  1. Shopping

    De compras por las ramblas de Barcelona iluminadas

    Barcelona is a shop-friendly city

    Barcelona is a shop-friendly city, and in winter the crowds are less frequent (except Christmas, of course) and you can enjoy the January sales. In addition, there are many days when shops are open until late at night for holiday shopping.

  2. Enjoy a spa day

    Don’t you fancy a nice hot bubble bath while it is cold outside? There are plenty of spas offers with different styles and prices to suit all budgets.

  3. Eat calçots

    El plato estrella de cada invierno en Barcelona son los Calçots

     (Autor: mpellegr via Foter.com / CC BY )

    This is something that you can only enjoy the Catalan cuisine, so it’s the perfect excuse to get close to Barcelona in winter and discover this fun dish. Prepare an apron and get ready to try one of the dishes that generate more laughter, you will see!

  4. Ice skating

    Okay, in the center of Barcelona you can not, but you have many places a few kilometers to take a break

  5. See the Gothic neighborhood through a hot chocolate cup

    Chocolate a la taza

     (Autor: batega_mobile via Foter.com / CC BY )

    There are many ancient chocolatiers who follows a special style, and enjoying a good chocolate in the evening while watching the evocative streets of the Gothic Quarter (especially in Petritxol!) is a unique experience.

  6. Gastronomic markets

    With the arrival of cold weather and the escape of tourists, the streets are filled with markets where you can taste a lot of local products: cheeses, meats, pastries… Finger-lickin’!

  7. Getting caught up in the holiday spirit

    Espíritu navideño de Barcelona

    The main proposals of things to do in Barcelona in winter are related to Christmas: the cavalcade of Three Wise Men, the living nativity scenes, the great Nativity in the City Hall Square…

  8. Living Carnival

    And not only the one of Barcelona: a few kilometres from the city, it is celebrated the famous Carnival of Sitges, where you can experience one of the craziest night of the year in an inclusive, respectful environment and, above all, with lots of parties every year!

  9. Urban hiking

    Senderismo urbano por el Park Güell

    Park Güell.

    You have Collserola mountain nearby, but if you want, you can also connect with the natural side of Barcelona up to the mountain of Guinardó, seeing the top of the Park Guell or even discovering the Iberian settlement of Puig Castellar in Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

  10. Strolling through Barcelona!

    As we have said, Barcelona is empty of tourists in winter!

What better time of year to stroll, enjoy the monuments and discover every corner of the city?

Winter in Barcelona is a time full of activities and life. The Pere Tarres Youth Hostel is the best hostel in Barcelona to stay and enjoy the city. We will wait for you!


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