The top 5 markets in Barcelona

Barcelona is a dynamic city and hides a new face on every corner. It is not easy to discover all its secrets, and less easy if you come to visit it, because there is so much to see that is not easy to decide on what is worth checking out. This is what happens with the street markets in Barcelona, very common in the Catalan capital and many of them not known.

Let’s make a review of the 5 markets you can not miss on your trip to Barcelona: some are more famous, and others are unknown by the crowd. Anyway, markets are necessary spaces for anyone who wants to know the details of everyday life in the city. Here we go!

Lost & Found

This second hand market offers both spaces of sale and exchange. Anyone can participate, on payment of € 40 for the rental of space, providing clothing, books, toys, comics or anything else you consider interesting.

It is celebrated on the Francia station each 3 months in a good atmosphere, with food and music.

Peluquería en una edición del Lost & Found ( / photo on flickr )

Hairdresser in a past Lost & Found edition (Autor: / photo on flickr )

Flea market

This is one of the oldest (already in its seventh edition) and it is celebrated on the second Sunday of each month in the Plaça Blanquerna, next to the metro stop Drassanes. This market promotes the sale of gently used items. Its philosophy is summed up in the phrase “one man’s garbage is another man’s gold”.

Two Market

Here, you can bring items that you no longer use or do not want to keep at home. It is one of the most second hand active markets in the city. It is also organized the market “On the garage” inspired in the garage markets so typical in the US: held in l’Ovella Negra of Poblenou once a month.

De mano en mano

This is an itinerant social market held every two months. In it everyone can sell: second hand dealers, artists, designers … You can find anything from vintage objects to works by emerging artists. It always takes place on the weekend.

Rastro de la Virgen

This market is organized by a cultural association of the Raval and aims to promote contact between neighborhood residents, to publicize Raval to visitors and offer an alternative to the current consumerist model.

Whoever wants can participate and sell items they no longer use and recycling artists who want to showcase their products. It is held the first Saturday of each month at Calle de la Virgen.

These are just some of the many markets you can find in Barcelona: Encantes or Mercado de San Antonio are some of the most famous, but each district has its own markets and many cultural and social associations try to revive the tradition of street fairs to promote the culture of recycling and sustainability.

Photo credit: / Foter / CC BY

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