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Los imperdibles del sónar

Think about the Electronic authors you like the most in recent months and add them to the list: Autechre, FKA Twigs, Flying Lotus, Ark (Showing his audiovisual show by the video artist Jesse Kanda), Roman Flügel, Scuba, Daniel Avery , Floating Points, J.E.T.S., Siriusmodselektor, TEED, Evian Christ, Randomer, Seth Troxler, The Bug, Jamie XX, Die Antwoord, Skrillex, Young Lean and Sad Boys, Voices From The Lake, Maya Jane Coles, Powell, Redinho … Now add some of your favorite legends: The Chemical Brothers, Duran Duran, Laurent Garnier (who will be in charge of closing the festival), Squarepusher, Adam Beyer, Róisín Murphy and Tiga (who will present his first “live” in more than 20-year career). And finally, add a handful of emerging talents on the national scene: CaboSanRoque, Pional, Headbirds, Baldo, EST, Mans O, Niño, Meneo, Blassto, Uroz, or Exoteric Continent. And over 120 artists!

Sónar Festival reaches its 22th edition and will host the most advanced music proposals from 18 to 20 June in the two enclosures of the Fira de Barcelona (Montjuïc by day and Gran Via de l’Hospitalet by night).

Thursday 18/06


Autechre is probably the most admired and respected duo of the whole generation of experimentalists born in England in the decade of the 90. The importance of speech and language invented by Rob Brown and Sean Booth is such that without them we could not understand the development of Abstract techno and IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) over the past 25 years.
Recently the prestigious web FACT Magazine chose “Flutter”, one of his tracks, as the number 1 on the list of the top 100 tracks of IDM of history, and records like “Incunabula”, “Amber”, “Tri repeate” or the latest “Oversteps” and “EXAI” are all masterpieces of abstract music and sound deconstruction.

Friday 19/06


The new show of the English genius Tom Jenkinson offers a spectacular staging, with new images, tech devices and the availability of this own sound equipment, which lets him play live with the freedom to transform the music the way he desires. From his first steps in Rephlex in mid 90s until today, Squarepusher path has been built on two pillars: the experimental dance music and Jazz of Miles Davis school.
Jenkinson has published some of the key works of the music of our time (“Hard Normal Daddy”, “Ultravisitor” “Feed Me Weird Things”, “Music Is Rotted One Note”), experimenting without fear the Jungle, electro, techno or drill’n’bass.

Tiga live 

Tiga is the personification of musical evolution, with a career that includes two albums (“Sexor” and “Ciao!”), Singles like “Sunglasses at Night”, “Pleasure from the Bass” or “You Gonna Want Me”, and many collaborative projects
In recent years Tiga has toured the world, increasing his reputation and the one of label he manages, Turbo, and has also remixed LCD Soundsystem, Depeche Mode, The xx, Jamie Lidell, Alter Ego …
This year the Canadian returns with the first live show of his career, premiering at Sonar 2015.

Seth Troxler 

Despite being considered by all one of the best DJs on the international scene, Seth Troxler continues without taking himself seriously, demonstrating a hilarious sense of humor and very healthy. His charisma is legendary, both on stage and off, and certainly his sessions are the mirror of his expansive, hedonistic and often unpredictable personality. His enormous popularity did not prevent Troxler continue to maintain a critical attitude to the mainstream and committed to the principles of independence, first with its links to the label Visionquest and now with the new Tuskegee platform. Born in a small village between Detroit and Chicago and with Cherokee and Egyptian ancestors in his family, Troxler knew from very young that he will be Dj, influenced by a music-loving stepfather and an unexpected windfall: his two turntables and the mixer were saved on a fire when he was a teenager, a divine message. The flame of House and Techno.

Saturday 20/06

The Chemical Brothers 

The Chemical Brothers present in a live show at Sonar by Night his new album, “Born in the Echoes” with a virtually unprecedented show on the stage of SonarClub, and promises to be spectacular, hypnotic and hallucinogenic. The eighth album from The Chemical Brothers will be published on July 17, three weeks after the live presentation at Sonar, and features collaborations with Q-Tip, St. Vicent and Beck, among others.
In the last twenty years, The Chemical Brothers have redefined electronic music. His shows have evolved from its humble appearances in the London club circuit to become one of the most requested bands to headline festivals worldwide. During this time it has not changed its essential purpose: their live shows must be an audiovisual experience that works by itself, beyond the repertoire, that captures the audience

FKA Twigs 

The emergence of FKA Twigs is great news for the world of pop, in need of figures with personality, versatility and talent like this British, arriving to the Sonar turned into a global star. Barnett Tahliah real name, is a complete artist. Daughter of a Jamaican Jazz dancer, professionally dedicated to the dance, appearing in videos for Kylie Minogue and touring with Jessie J, at the same time that she began to produce, with only 16 years. Initially called Twig, she added FKA at the beginning (“Formerly Known As”) as there was another singer with the same name, and she began to compose, create beats and sing.
Her first album, “EP1” is an exciting combination of dark electronic, pop and advanced r&b, appeared in December 2012

Laurent Garnier

Involved in the festival since its first edition, the French musician is a key figure in contemporary electronics, Dj admired worldwide and ambitious producer, lover of the challenges and the risk. Garnier continues still regularly publishing first class material, as the series of 5 EP’s published each in small labels of great prestige (Still Music, Musique Large, 50Weapons, MCDE and Hypercolour), which now meets in the box “The Home Box “adding a new EP with unreleased material. He is still giving the best of himself in each session, as if it was the first (or the last).
As he explains in his book “Electrochoc, written with David Brun-Lambert, Garnier was always obsessed with music clubs and music coming from his speakers, to the point that when he was 10 his room looked like a nightclub with dance floor. He recently completed 25 years since he took his first steps as a DJ and producer, a path marked by countless memorable moments and records like “Shot In The Dark”, “The Man With The Red Face” or “Crispy Bacon”

These are some of the most important proposals, our unmissable of the Sonar.

Enjoy three days of music non stop! Enjoy the Sonar 2015!

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