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Carnaval de Sitges

With over 100 years of history, Sitges Carnival is one of the most iconic and varied across the country. It is celebrated between the months of February and March and lasts a week; the exact days are different each year and are determined based on the liturgical calendar. The arrival of the carnival in Sitges means guaranteed fun, entertainment and freedom to adopt the image of any character and therefore constitutes one of the most important events for all the citizens of Barcelona and surrounding.

The party begins on Thursday (‘Dijous Gras’) with the arrival of Carnestoltes, considered the King of Carnival to be the one that marks the beginning and the end of the festival and guide all citizens during the celebration. At his arrival, Carnestoltes takes Sitges Town Council as a symbol of the beginning of its mandate and he recites a sermon called ‘Predicot’ steeped in satire, sarcasm, mockery and irony. From that moment, it is assumed that the show starts iin all streets of Sitges with the most elaborate costumes, makeup fantasy, feathers, wreaths, sequins and lots of color.

Another of the most important figures of the party in this Catalan town are the Carnival Queen and the Children’s Carnival Queen, which are involved in most important parades. After that Thursday, the Sunday parade is the most important, called ‘Disbauxa’. This involves more than 50 floats, that reflect the effort and dedication of the people. During the months leading up to Carnival, all the groups prepare carefully the most creative costumes, stunning scenery on mobile platforms and choreographies to the beat of popular songs.

Sitges Carnival reaches its peak on Tuesday, with ‘Rua de l’ Extermini’, in which about 2,000 people participate. The party finishes the next day, which is called ‘Dimecres de cendra‘ (Ash Wednesday) , and Carnestoltes incineration and funeral take place. Sitges Carnival show is fun, wildness, freedom, ridicule, satire and, in general, a unique experience you can not miss .

Enjoy Sitges Carnival live one of the best parties around the country!


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