Lost&Found Barcelona, a different market

Lost & Found Barcelona

The next weekend, on 14 and 15 December, you have an appointment at Estació de França with the new edition of Lost&Found: a flea market in Barcelona, where you can find absolutely everything, from clothes, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses to books, cameras, toys and all kinds of collectibles.

We have had the opportunity to speak with Max Porta, one of the fathers of this project, who explains us that: The idea came along dilated talks with Diego Albanell in front of the coffee machine in the office. It was 2007. We had seen some similar initiatives in other cities, but not in Barcelona. We felt that the city needed a space where anyone could participate actively in a second-hand market, and at the same time promote exchange and recycling of personal belongings.

Besides selling everything you could possibly imagine and find what you have been looking for, Lost&Found has become a leisure and fun event. You will find live music, food tasting and even a salon!

As Max explains, in Barcelona, each market has its own characteristics and style. That’s good because it means increasing the supply and building a model of sustainable consumption that was very minor. Maybe in the L&F the amusing part of the event takes a greatest dimension.




You know, if you want to find the most special and original gifts for Christmas, do not miss Lost&Found, on 14 and 15 December, at Estació de França.

A unique opportunity to buy some gifts with high added value and a good price. On the other hand, we will have the performance of the collective 2n Hand Deejay’s and a bar and catering service throughout the day, says Max.


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