From metal to electro, through ska and fusion

From metal to electro, through ska and fusion. Welcome to the best concerts of the end of July.


Foto Gojira (Archivo: Gojira)

Foto Gojira (Archivo: Gojira)

We start the recommendations of the second half of July in our favorite place of Marina, Razz, metal Cathedral in Barcelona. After 5 studio albums, several DVDs, Lives, spectacular tours with Metallica, Mastodon and Slayer, memorable performances at festivals such as Hellfest, Sonisphere, Graspop or Copenhell, Gojira land in Barcelona. Considered by many media as the top metal band worldwide, and with nearly 20-year career, Gojira has a spectacular progress towards a very distinctive style, where metal and melody commune a unique and original form. The compositional work of the Duplantier brothers (Joe – vocals and guitar and Mario – drums) alongside with Christian Andreu (guitar) and Jean-Michel Labadie (Bass) has as a result hypnotic songs, setting a benchmark and bringing a breath of fresh air on a musical style so exploited. Gojira is right now recording their sixth studio album, which will be released this year and does not have exact release date.

15/07. Razzmatazz, Almogàvers 122, Barcelona. 27€. 


Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, often abbreviated by its fans as “Skapara” is a jazz and ska music band composed by percussionist Asa-Chang, and 10 more musicians. Since its inception, they have led and stimulated the Japanese music scene. They have released several original albums, live compilations and have done more than 700 concerts in Japan and abroad. They are more than a group of musicians, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra has flooded the dance floor with the production and distribution of new groups with its recently created label “Fair Records”. They mainly create instrumental songs, as they have no official vocalist but they have invited some talented performers to sing, like Keisuke Kuwata of Southern All Stars and Yusuke Chiba of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant. After traveling through Europe for the first time during his tour in 2000, and after 8 albums, they return to Spain to present their latest work, “The Last” (2015), which recall their 30 years on stage.

21/07. Apolo, Nou de la Rambla 113, Barcelona. 18€.


Foto Yann Tiersen (Archivo: Yann Tiersen)

Foto Yann Tiersen (Archivo: Yann Tiersen)

And now, it’s time to enjoy a very emotional concert in an unusual stage, but with excellent acoustics and charm, the Grec theater. Even his work for films like Amélie (2001) and Goodbye Lenin! (2013) have made him known to the general public, Yann Tiersen is not considered a creator of soundtracks. He is an eclectic musician with influences from street music to the sounds of minimalism and avant-garde rock, waltz or the French chanson. In his new job, the eighth of study, he chooses as a title a script that can be both number 8 or infinity symbol. With songs in Icelandic, Faroese and Breton, the disc has a lot to do with the landscapes of a Celtic culture that defends Tiersen to the point of dreaming of an independent Kingdom of France but integrated into a federal Europe. Who still remember his first works with toy instruments will see how the artist recovers the sounds, but now handled electronically and mixed with acoustic sounds in an exciting trip between the analog and digital world. A delight.

26/07. Teatre Grec, Passeig Sta. Madrona 36, Barcelona. 24-36€


We finish the recommendation back in Razz, the place where we started. Florian Senft has since 1999 shaking electro and techno scene better known under his alias, Zombie Nation. Since he released his first 12-inch, the huge “Kernkraft 400” (1999), no doubt one of the best debuts in history. Edited in What’s Up ?, completely captivated Dj Hell, owner of the most powerful music label of the time: International DJ Gigolos. That same year Senft published his “Zombie Nation EP” with four themes that defined the features of the German electro of the next decade. Fate made him to cross with Canadian legend of electro Tiga who formed the ZZT project, which opened the doors of the most important festivals on the planet. After going to The Loft in 2013 to introduce “XL”, his new live show, he comes back to burn the dance floor again

31/07. Razzmatazz, Almogàvers 122, Barcelona. 17€.

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Photo credit: fototik / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


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