Fiestas de la Mercè Festival in Barcelona

La mercè

Fiestas de la Merce is the best known and expected Barcelona festival by the locals and offers a complete exhibition of the Catalan popular culture. For those who want to travel to Barcelona on this date and meet the most deeply rooted traditions of Catalonia, during the festival of La Mercè may do so with the various activities and actions carried through the streets of the city. The shows with more history and tradition, are done by castellers (human towers) and gegants (giants) and there is also the Sardana (typical dance). During the days of the festival you also have the possibility to enjoy concerts and music festivals for everyone.

Castellers en Plaça Sant Jaume                                                 Autor: calafellvalo / photo on flickr


Enjoy the festivities of La Mercè and discover both its traditions and new proposals and music festivals.

Autor Portada: vosh. / photo on flickr

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