Carnival in Barcelona, a week of color and tradition

Los Carnavales de Barcelona

Although it is not one of the legendary Carnival points known in our country, celebrations from 4 to 10 February in Barcelona are a true spectacle of tradition, madness and celebrations in what is known here as… Carnestoltes!

Today we explain you all celebrations that take over Barcelona these days of traditional party. Ready for a Carnival in Barcelona?


Barcelona’s Carnival kick-off

As you might know, the Carnival is a lunar holiday! Specifically, the beginning is part of the cycle before Lent and starts seven weeks after the first full moon of the winter solstice; Another popular way of calculating the starting day is to seek the first full moon of the spring equinox and forty days counting backwards until Ash Wednesday, the last day of Carnival.

In the past, its duration was 3 days, but today, the Carnival of Barcelona lasts a week, starting on Thursday before this time known as Maundy Thursday (in Catalonia, dijous gras), which is celebrated in Barcelona with sausage, omelet and coca de llardons (cracklings), a custom that, like many of the celebrations, comes from Roman times!

In Barcelona, ​​Carnival starts at 18:00 with a parade with music, devilscorrefocs and more, ending in the Mercat del Born, a few blocks from the Olympic Village. Friday is one of the key days of the festival: last year, for example, the city introduced the Rodoli Ball, a dance with Venetian mask; on Saturday the parades go through all neighborhoods carrying the party over Barcelona, ​​while on Sunday you can enjoy the Taronjada (orangeade), a very old tradition: a battle with oranges and a  traditional dance with masks.


The traditional Burial of the Sardine as a final celebration

In some parts of the city, the celebration is extended during Monday or Tuesday with parties, activities and humor that make dimecres de cendra (ash wednesday) to arrive even faster. Also known as the Burial of the Sardine, the imposition of ashes symbolize penance and regret of Carnival.

Very close to Barcelona, ​​Sitges Carnival become the perfect opportunity for partying during the nights of the weekend, as one of the most lively areas of the Mediterranean coast with a lot of pubs, discos and street parades.

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