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Barcelona, ​​cosmopolitan city known for its varied food, has a lot of different craft beverages. Among all, the most important are beer, wine, vermouth and, of course, horchata. This so typical drink of Barcelona is prepared with a tuber called chufa, and gives us many health benefits due to its high oleic acid content, good for reducing cholesterol. Besides containing vitamin E, is rich in phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. And suitable for celiacs because it does not contain gluten. If you plan to travel to Barcelona with friends or family and you decide to organize a picnic or  you want to go for a good horchata, then we show you where to drink horchata in Barcelona.

  • Sant Antoni. In this known neighborhood belonging to Eixample district of Barcelona you will find one of the most famous horchaterías, the Horchatería Sirvent, located on Parlament Street. Here you can enjoy one of the best craft horchatas of Barcelona at a very affordable price.
  • Poblenou. In Rambla del Poblenou there is another of the best known horchaterías in Barcelona where you can enjoy the delicious taste of this drink, the Horchatería El Tío Ché. Besides having a reputation for preparing one of the best horchata citywide, this place is known for being one of the oldest in the field of traditional Catalan cuisine, although it has not been always located in this area.
  • Gòtic. Located in the busy Avenida del Portal de l’Angel, there is another specialized bar in making horchata, Planelles Donat. This place stands out by making one of the most delicious horchata in Barcelona thanks to the quality of its ingredients. We recommend you to try this Barcelona classic drink.

Although these are the most important places in preparing traditional horchata in Barcelona, ​​in most of bars or restaurants in the city they will serve you a glass of this good Catalan drink from the best known industrial brands. Go for it and try any of these places to taste the best horchata in Barcelona. And if you want to try other traditional drinks, we suggest you to take a delicious vermouth before lunch, a glass of wine and a cold craft beer. 

Author: kern.justin / photo on flickr


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