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El Born district of Barcelona is one of the most historic neighborhoods in the city. Few people know that in fact the neighborhood is called “la Ribera” which was the economic hub of Barcelona during the thirteenth and fifteenth century because of the large number of merchants that were there. And that “Born” was just one of the sectors of the district.

Most streets are named according to those merchants, artisans and trade associations. So streets like Sombrerers (hatters),  Mirallers (glaziers) or Argenters (silversmiths), remind those old trades that helped both economic and urban growth of the city. Currently, ElBorn in Barcelona retains the spirit of the past in the streets but has become characterized as being the design, fashion and the latest trends neighborhood.

What you can not miss in El Born neighborhood?

Discover Barcelona, go into the most bohemian area of the city, and enjoy their particular and unique culture, history and architecture.

  • Palau de la Música. The Born modernist jewel, Palau de la Música (Music Palace) is the masterpiece of the catalan architect Lluís Domenech i Montaner. If you do not know what to visit in Barcelona, the facade of the Music Palace is one of the wonders of the city.
  • Carrer Montcada. Known for housing the Gothic palaces of the medieval elite, Montcada Street is one of the most charming places of Born neighborhood in Barcelona. In addition, you can find one of the best museums, the Picasso Museum, that you can not miss if you visit El Born.
  • Basílica de Santa Maria del Mar. Without doubt, one of the most emblematic monuments of the Gothic Barcelona. With an enormous magnitude, Santa Maria del Mar basilica was built by and for the people. Each of the citizens contributed to the creation of this stunning work of architecture.
  • Youth Hostel BarcelonaPlaça de Sant Pere. It is one of the most beautiful squares in El Born neighborhood and houses one of Barcelona’s most impressive temples, the Church of Sant Pere de les Puel·les, and the wrought iron modernist fountain of Pere Falqués.
  • Mercado de Santa Caterina. The spectacular undulating and colorful roof stands out. Santa Caterina Market is an original building that totally breaks the traditional market parameters.
  • Born’s nightlife. Apart from its beautiful cobbled streets and ancient landmarks, Born neighborhood is known, as well, for being one of the districts with more nightlife and restaurants of Barcelona. It is recommended to have dinner at one of the restaurants and enjoy the evening in this neighborhood.


Visit El Born in Barcelona and get carried away by its incredible architecture and charming places!

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