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Locales únicos en Barcelona - El Bosc de les fades

Barcelona is unique, libertarian, open and has the perfect size. The city is Mediterranean and European par excellence; a unique setting that combines fun, sea, mountains, culture and authenticity; and of course, with unique spots to enjoy unique moments in unexpected places.

Is the city who turn into unique some bars and pubs, ​​or is it the people who lives in Barcelona who makes this possible?

To answer this question, nothing better than going to the Gothic, where the Bosc de les fades (Passatge Banca, 7) is presented more like a pub from the outside (although its reputation precedes it) to show an interior composed of trees, nature, and intimate lighting. A space that seems to transcend borders and closer to classic fairy tales, nymphs and elves, where the magic happens and people drinks coffee, beer, cups and sangria.

However, if ours is not a story of legend in the big city, we can take a walk through history towards the Raval. Not too far from La Rambla, we discover l‘Ovella Negra (Sitges, 5), a centuries-old tavern that has been converted into a brewery for locals and foreigners, and that inside its ancient stone walls they are still serving in drinks and tapas.

Les Gens Que J'aime - locales únicos en Barcelona

 Les Gens que J’aime      (Autor: Facebook Les Gens que J’aime)

If we get tired of the center, we can begin to go to the mountain side. By the way, between Paseo de Gracia and Valencia, with perhaps stumble across Les Gens Que J’Aime (Valencia, 286), a different pub, with modernist air that takes us to the classic twenties from early 60s. Here lighting is golden, the sofas are red and we feel like ordering a cocktail.

Another option is to escape to Gracia, to what remains of the village and its squares, and hang out at the Perla Street, where we find a real rockabilly style bar (Perla, 26) between movie posters, Martians and bands, billiards and darts. Another unique option in Gracia is the Barantino (Mozart, 4) very close to the Plaça de la Vila de Gracia.

Bharma - Locales únicos en Barcelona

If you enjoyed “Lost” you can not miis Bharma.

And if all this fails, we go to the sea, right? Here we have two options of unique places where you should be once in life: in Poble Nou neighborhood awaits the Bharma (Pere IV, 93), a bar inspired in the famous TV series Lost. In the Port Olympic, and next to the beach of Barceloneta, we find the Icebarcelona, ​​a bar made entirely of ice with five degrees below zero. The visit includes a coat, gloves and a hat to see the sculptures of the bar and ends on the terrace, where a DJ will liven up the visit between drinks on the beach.

All are unique places with good prices (even at the Olympic Port and center!) And offering a different, energetic and original face of the city of Barcelona. So there is only one possible question: how many unique places do you want to visit?

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