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Bebidas tipicas barcelona

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city full of activity, surprises and charm. It offers a variety of dishes and drinks of Catalan cuisine. To be a real tourist and know each of the faces of the city, it is almost mandatory to try one of their more traditional refreshments. The Catalan capital has drinks with and without alcohol so all visitors can enjoy the one that best suits their personal tastes.

Horchata is the most requested drink in Barcelona during the warmer seasons, for its delicious taste and freshness. The most traditional is made ​​from the mixture of ground chufa, water and sugar. The most popular neighborhoods to taste the best horchata are Sant Antoni, Gothic and Poblenou. Furthermore, they offer you the chance to discover some of the most beautiful parts of the city, enjoy the commercial activity during the day or discover Barcelona’s nightlife

Horchata                                                        Autor: roboppy / photo on flickr

Another typical drink in Barcelona is granizado. Among all existing flavors, the most common is lemon, orange and coffee. This is one of the most successful drink in the summer as well as economic and delicious, suitable for all ages. It is certainly the favorite drink of the smallest when the heat threatens the streets of Barcelona.

For beer lovers, the traditional way of elaboration is the most typical of all. It is the favorite among gourmets for its exquisite taste and preparation with no artificial additives or preservatives, so that keeps each and every one of the properties of barley, hops and yeast. The most renowned bars and pubs in preparing kraft beer are in the districts of Eixample and the Gothic.

In our list of typical drinks could not miss vermouth, since it is one of the most deeply rooted traditions of the city. It is used to meet with friends or family at noon, just before lunch, and come together to have a snack of olives and vermouth. Most popular bars in the preparation of vermouth are located in the district of l’Eixample and, especially Poblesec

Vermut                                                               Autor: crlsblnc / photo on flickr

Finally, in areas belonging to the metropolitan area of Barcelona’s you can find the most important centers of Catalan viticulture and production of champagne (cava), a fact that makes both the wine and cava two of the most typical drinks. Undoubtedly, the most recognized is the Penedes area, where you will find the red wines with designation of origin and the trademark Freixenet and Codorniu cava .

Autor Portada: J.Salmoral / photo on flickr

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