Taste the best chocolate with churros in Barcelona

Prueba los mejores chocolate con churros de Barcelona

Eating chocolate with churros is associated with numerous activities such as, for example, a perfect icing on a fair, after a night of partying, for tea time or breakfast on Sundays. If you stop to think about them and the occasions in which you have eaten them, you will discover that it is one of the most deeply rooted traditions in Spain in general and in Barcelona, ​​in particular.

Speaking of churros and Barcelona is also talking about the perfect plan for a winter morning or afternoon. Speaking of churros in Barcelona is a simple way that we all have made our mouths water at this point. However, not all churros are equally tasty nor all chocolates either. For this reason, let’s see where we can eat the best churros in Barcelona.

Chocolate with churros in Barcelona, ​​the key points

chocolate con churros

Always is a good time to have some delicious churros with chocolate to the cup, especially on cold days.

We speak of course of churros with hot chocolate, when we have to say that modernity has also reached the universe of churros, specifically in Barcelona.

There are establishments where tradition has been experimented with to obtain avant-garde recipes, recognized by many experts in the culinary world, but today let’s focus on the usual churros, accompanied by a steaming bowl of chocolate.

Churreria San Román

Mandatory stop in one of the most traditional churrerias in Barcelona. Fifty years of making churros results in a reputation that is not free. To make an appointment with these churros with history, you will have to go to Eixampe. Artisan churros that are fried in peanut oil.

Churrería San Román – Carrer del Consell de Cent, 211

Xurreria Trébol 

Churros in all the variants you can imagine. If you are hungry, we recommend that you do not continue reading, if you are near this establishment. To speak of this churrería is to speak of churros fat, thin, stuffed or with dulce de leche. Also salty churros. The opening hours of this establishment is so extensive that if you go out partying it is likely that you will find it open when you return.

Xurreria Trebol – Córsega, 349

Xurreria Sagrada Familia 

Again, more than half a century making churros and, again, imagination in this art that only they know in those establishments that we call churrerías. In this case, we recommend taking advantage of the stay to try their churros with Nutella.

Xurreria Sagrada Familia – Plaza Sagrada Familia, 26


Talking about chocolate with churros in Barcelona and not mentioning Petritxol street should be forbidden, as it is the area where the best churros and coffee shops in the city congregated decades ago. Today still resists absolute modernity, Dulcinea churrería being one the emblematic establishments of the area.

Granja Dulcinea – Carrer de Petritxol, 2

We imagine that, if at this point you are reading this post and you have not run out looking for any of these churrerías, it is because you do not live in Barcelona. If so, we encourage you to write down these names in your travel book for your next visit to Barcelona. If you are in Barcelona, ​​we assume that you have already taken care of finding the best churros with chocolate.

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