Torre Agbar, The new icon of Barcelona

Torre Agbar el nuevo icono de Barcelona

Far away from the Eixample, or the promenade of Barceloneta, or on top of Parc del Guinardó, along the Passeig de les Aigües in Collserola or in the farthest point in Besos crossing Santa Coloma, Sant Adrià or Badalona, ​​the Agbar Tower stands on its 144 meters rivaling the Mapfre Tower and the Hotel Arts.

Torre Agbar, Barcelona Modern Icon

Built next to Plaza de las Glorias from October 1999, the Agbar Tower is part of the kick-off of the 22 @ technology district, one of the leaders of the new Barcelona that starts from the hand of the XXI century. Its design, conceived and carried out by the French architect Jean Nouvel in collaboration with the group b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos, collects Gaudi influences that come together with the unfinished project of the hotel Attraction of New York and joins the pinnacles of Montserrat.


Detalle de la Torre Agbar

Red and blue are the main colors in the Agbar Tower

The construction of the Torre Agbar lasted until early 2005, when the kings of Spain inaugurated the building structure. The characteristic bullet shape was achieved through an overlapping non-concentric design with two concrete cylinders that allowed that characteristic shape.

But most likely, the most surprising of the tower are its lighting modes. These, thanks to more than 4,500 LED, can generate images along the entire length of the facade with more than 16 million colors (yes, really!) With a cost per hour at 6 euros, it achieved in 2011 one of the most prominent awards in energy efficiency: it is the green building par excellence in Barcelona!

Curiously, from the New Year’s Eve of 2006 many citizens decide to welcome the year in the Agbar Tower.

Still, the Agbar Tower has not been devoid of controversy, considered by many people as a difficult building to fit into the neighborhood and in the panorama of Barcelona; slowly, this view has mutated to approach one of the most representative icons of the city, becoming one of the identifying symbols of the capital.

And next future? About it, all we can say about this geyser that springs from the deep sea, as described by its creator, is that it has been acquired by the group Hyattel a Azurelau for 150 million euros to turn the Agbar Tower in a luxury hotel. Anyway, the building is already part of the living history of the city!


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