The Olympic Barcelona, a new era

La Barcelona Olímpica - Todo Barcelona

Long before Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé made vibrate the whole city of Barcelona during a time of renewal, Barcelona renewed its appearance from the Promenade to the Collserola mountains.

The Olympic Barcelona

A change that hit the city at all levels since 1986 and concluded just before the marked dates, and extends to the immediate present. The rondas that would connect the citizens of Barcelona and much of its metropolitan area, the promenade, the beaches, the Vila Olímpica  that was restored between Ciutat Vella and the New Town, the Palau Sant Jordi of Arata Isozaki and thousands other facilities that helped shape what is now Barcelona, giving wings to other projects that came later, as the Universal Forum of Cultures.

In 2012, these changes could be seen documented thanks to El Periódico newspaper, through over six years of Clara Films team work, by 3,000 hours of recording documenting this process of change. From the renovation of an entire neighborhood in the district of Sant Martí to a large infrastructure in the Barceloneta neighborhood and the Collserola Mountain, where the fields above Guinardó and Horta leave way to a new housing area where the team of journalists followed events of 1992.

villa olímpica de Barcelona

 Sant Martí 

The result of all these changes was a new space facing the sea, between the beaches of Nova Icaria and Barceloneta, and no one had imagined a city that managed to compete with other big cities and world capitals, but trying to continue to maintain its essence.

After the Barcelona’s Olympics, this is the great challenge of the city in the XXI century, a space that, as evidenced by the draft Canòpia Urbana in Las Glorias, not too far from that Barcelona facing the sea, is still fighting the overcrowding and attempting to preserve its character.

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