The most important traditional feasts in Catalonia

If you visit Catalonia for the first time, you might be surprised for its many traditions. The living nativity scenes, floral games, temps de flors (very common in Gerona), the correfocs and many other celebrations that can make our tour a magical and special moment to remember.

Today, we talk about seven of the most important festivities and traditions of Catalonia and how not to miss them. Are you ready?

Sant Joan Night (Nit de Sant Joan)

Coinciding with the summer solstice, Sant Joan fill with bonfires, fireworks and popular dinners all Catalonia. It is a night where concerts and festivals extend to very high at night (and many end up on the beach at sunrise!). Eve from 23 to June 24 is an evening to mark on your calendar.


Una de las fiestas más populares y vistosas de Cataluña: Los Castellers (Archivo:  / Photo on flickr)

Castellers (Archivo: fer55. / Photo on flickr)

It attracts visitors attention, and is a tradition that dates back 200 years. It is Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO since 2010 and Les colles (troupes) visit central districts of the four Catalan provinces in spring and summer.

Temps de Flors

The Temps de flors (flowering time) is a walk through places with great symbolism of Barcelona: Barcelona City Council, the Casa de l’Ardiaca and the History Museum are some points which, together with the tradition that accompanies them, recreate those great floral patios.

However, the Girona Temps de Flors remains at head, always in mid-May, and offering a spectacular view over the entire city of Girona.


Festa Major

During the summer, from the eve of Sant Joan and until September, Barcelona and other nearby towns and villages are filled with correfocs and giants. It is best to find out in detail which dates and locations do you prefer.


La Mercè

One of the most important festivals in Barcelona is the one in honor of its patron. Its current importance is based on the relationship between Barcelona and the other municipalities (sardana of Gerona, Castells, Diables…).

La Diada or l’Onze de Setembre (11th of September)

National Day is perhaps the most important celebration in Barcelona and Catalonia in general. Remember the fall of the local army against the Bourbon troops in 1714 and focuses on wreaths, concerts, poetry and activities in the Parc de la Ciutadella and many other points.

Pessebres Vivents (Live nativity scenes)

The living nativity scenes are live representations of the birth of Jesus and other biblical and religious scenes; It is common in Catalonia and Barcelona and other municipalities, and has the Fira de Santa Llúcia as one of the key points of the celebration. Some of the most important appointments are in Olot and La Garrotxa.

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Photo credit: Vilanova i la Geltrú / Foter / CC BY


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