The best italian restaurants of Barcelona

Los mejores restaurantes italianos de Barcelona

Italian cuisine is one of the most known in the world, thanks to pizza, its famous sauces and, of course, its pasta. But the cuisine of Italy does not stop there and in its kitchens, other delights are made that every good foodie has to try once in a lifetime. Some of the best Italian restaurants are in Barcelona. To start with, we stop at the best Italian restaurants of Barcelona where you can take the delicacies of the Alpine country to your mouth without spending a lot of money.


Restaurantes italianos de Barcelona: 7 planes gastro con mucho sabor


In this place you will find one of the most complete and varied menus with authentic Italian dishes. Its selection includes antipasti, such as tartare de viera and prawns, pasta, such as fresh egg spaghetti with emulsion of sea urchins, risottos, fish and meat.

De Gustibus Italiae – Ricardo Calvo, 13


Although it is a bit more expensive than the rest, it is one of the best Italians you will find in Barcelona. The first thing that calles your attention is its atmosphere, between nostalgic and romantic, it reminds you of a charming garden. In your menu you will find typical Italian flavors, such as pasta, fettuccine with truffle or tagliolini.

Il Giardinetto, Granada del Penedés, 28


This place with decoration inspired by the Venice of the eighteenth century is another of the best Italian restaurants you will find in Barcelona. It has a daily menu offer with prices very compatible with the most discreet wallets as well as typical menu proposals, among which stand out the bavaresse with mango sauce and risotto.

Il mercante di Venezia – Carrer de Josep Anselm Clavé, 11


It is a small and cozy restaurant with a very colorful decoration that reminds you of the typical Italian taverns. They say that the best thing here is the pizzas; the tastiest, the Margarita. Their seafood risotto and its vegetable lasagna are also up to the most demanding palates.

Stuzzichini – Carrer de l’Amistat


It is a restaurant “of cinema”, since its decoration is set as the Italian movies from the 30s. To sit down at one of its tables is a luxury that will make you feel that you go back in time. Here you have two options: let the chef suggest a dish or order risotto with parmesan or spaghetti with lobster.

Da Greco – Carrer de Santa Teresa, 10 


In this restaurant you will taste the most traditional Italian flavors, among which those that deserve special mention: the giant pizzas to which you can add all the ingredients you want. A tip: leave space for dessert. The calzone with Nutella is a real temptation that you have to try.

Napoletani DOC – Carrer de la Diputació, 101


As soon as you enter this Italian restaurant you will have the feeling of being in an old Italian tavern. You have a very complete menu at a good price, but when you go, do not forget to order the pasta al forno della mama (meatballs with mozzarella and bolognese).

Piazze D’Italia – Carrer de Casanova, 94

Eating in Italian restaurants of Barcelona is a gastronomic experience full of alpine, Neapolitan or Tuscan flavors. What is your favorite Italian restaurant?

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