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On your next trip to Barcelona, we propose you to discover a not so known area: the Fort Pienc. A district with the shape of an almost perfect triangle, limited by the Diagonal Avenue, Passeig de Sant Joan and the Meridiana Avenue, which over the years has been transformed into the China Town of Barcelona. The quarter is only a 25 minutes’ walk from Plaça Catalunya, 15 minutes away from the Sagrada Familia and easy reachable by Metro as the Arc the Triomf and Tetuan Metro stations are really close. Let’s find out about some of the most authentic Chinese bars and restaurants of the city.

Fideus fregits fets a ma del restaurant xinès Cheng-JI - Foto de Sara L. (Recursos Culinarios)

Fried handmade noodles Cheng-JI – Foto by Sara L. (Recursos Culinarios)

Ji-Cheng, Ali Bei 65

If you ask the neighbours, they will tell you that this is the most “Chinese” restaurant in the area. The cuisine comes from Northern China and on the Menu you will find cooked jellyfish, the fabulous ‘Peking Duck’ (one of the best in town) or homemade fried noodles. Don’t expect, as in almost all the restaurants on the list, cheesy dragon decorations; remember that this is a Chinese tavern. On weekends it gets almost impossible to find a table and during the week the place is full of students, workers from the area and a good number of Chinese people from the neighbourhood.


Kaixuan, Roger de Flor 74

Next to Chen Ji, there’s another Chinese restaurant that by word of mouth has become a kind of refuge for all those who seek for authentic Chinese food, but with some taste on the place’s look. The menu is very clear and you have pictures of the main dishes on it. We suggest you the Guo-Tie, the handmade noodles, the also homemade tofu or the Chinese pizza; which is not on the list but you can order it anyway.

Ying Bin Lou Jiu, Passeig de Sant Joan 34

The Menu of the Ying Bin Lou Jiu is an encyclopaedia of Chinese food. Located on the corner of Passeig de Sant Joan and Carrer Ali Bei, this is possibly the largest and best decorated restaurant in the area.  It offers generous servings of 100% Chinese food: Chinese fondue, homemade noodles, several varieties of tofu or the ‘Peking Duck’. Weekdays lunch menu is less than €10.


Dim-Sum Cantonesas, Passeig de Sant Joan 44

If you are a little familiar with the Chinese culture, you’ll be able to guess what one could found in this restaurant: Dim-Sum. Small rolls of rice or pasta, stuffed with meat, vegetables or seafood, traditional from the region of Canton. Like many other Cantonese restaurants, the Dim-Sum Cantonesas also serves the Peking duck (which can be seen hanging on the window, from the street), as well as meats and soups, among other costumary dishes.

Yalujang, Roger de Flor 137

This restaurant is not 100% Chinese. Unlike the ones recommended on this list, the family that runs this place came to Barcelona from Shengyang, a city close to the border between North Korea and China. The Yalujiang looks like a tatty tavern but once inside, it highlights not only by the way they serve the raw meat that you have to cook on the traditional Korean grills placed on the tables, served on a leaf of lettuce and dressed with spicy sauce and sesame oil; but also for its specialties. The Japchae, sweet potato noodles; the Kim Chi (spicy sauerkraut for the brave ones), the Korean style trout or the Birimbab, a dish with rice, veggies and egg.

allotjat-a-barcelona_eng_op (1)


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