The best Brunch in Barcelona

Between ten and one p.m., halfway between breakfast and lunch, brunch has achieved a reputation that everyone know. Its inception in Anglo-Saxon countries, especially the UK and the US, has given way to a meal that knows no cities or continents and, little by little, has finally become universal.

Barcelona, one of the capitals of the Mediterranean, has welcomed and popular practice in many of its bars and restaurants.

If you want to try how it tastes or you and your friends have become addicted to it, here is a list of the seven places in which to try the best brunch in Barcelona any day of the week.


#1 Picnic

Picnic Restaurant (Archivo: Facebook Picnic Restaurant)

Picnic Restaurant (Archivo: Facebook Picnic Restaurant)

A competitive price and in the center of Barcelona, the Picnic (Comerç, 1-3) provides a space for a late brunch on weekdays (13: 00-16: 30) and more relaxed on Saturdays and Sundays (11:30 -17: 00). Its kitchen is modern and international, and that is reflected in the brunches of pork ribs with mashed potatoes or other lighter and tasty alternatives.

#2 Meatpacking Bistro

Meatpacking Bistro (Archivo: Facebook Meatpacking Bistro)

Meatpacking Bistro (Archivo: Facebook Meatpacking Bistro)

Aka NYC in Barcelona, the Meatpacking (Travessera de Gràcia, 50-52) offers three brunch menus in an environment with plenty of style between 11:30 and 16:00.

#3 Elsa y Fred

Elsa y Fred Gastrobar (Archivo: Elsa y Fred)

Elsa y Fred Gastrobar (Archivo: Elsa y Fred)

Do you want a truly retro brunch menu? Elsa y Fred, inspired by the fifties, is the answer to your prayers. Its very extensive menu makes it easy to have breakfast or enjoy a brunch at noon. Rec Comtal,11.

#4 DosTrece

Dos Trece Barcelona (Archivo: DosTrece)

Dos Trece Barcelona (Archivo: DosTrece)

Classic. In the Carrer del Carme, 40 there is what the true brunch lovers like and no one regrets to visit: good prices, good service and brunchs composed of Benedict classic eggs, pancakes and French toast.

#5 Tarannà Café

Tarannà Barcelona (Archivo: Tarannà)

Tarannà Barcelona (Archivo: Facebook Tarannà)

In Viladomat 23, we find a different proposition in wood. A large wooden table on the terrace perfect for having a Brunch. Cakes and bikini sandwich in pa de pagès are the perfect complement to our brunch

#6 Papas & The Mamas

Papas and The Mamas (Archivo: Facebook Papas and the Mamas)

Papas and The Mamas (Archivo: Facebook Papas and the Mamas)

Brunch alternative for parents who prefer to opt for a large cafeteria where push-chairs, children and space are not a problem. There are breakfasts, brunches and sweet and savory snacks, awesome coffee and craft beer. Rambla del Poble Nou, 127

#7 Avenue Bar

Avenue Bar (Archivo: Facebook Avenue Bar)

Avenue Bar (Archivo: Facebook Avenue Bar)

In Torrent de l’Olla, 159 Avenue Bar appears with its brunches on Saturdays and Sundays; and you can not miss their eggs Benedict and sweet proposals. But the most interesting: cocktail Bellini open bar .

And if you still want to complete the list with a few more places, join these:


  • Milk Bar & Bistro, de’n Gignàs, 21
  • Norte, en Diputació, 321
  • Federal Café, en Parlement, 39
  • Granja PetitBo, en Passeig Sant Joan, 82
  • The Benedict, en de’n Gignàs, 23

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