Short trip to Manresa, the heart of Catalonia

Escapada a Manresa, el corazón de Cataluña

In Barcelona there are many things to see, but if you come to spend a long stay, it is worth making a trip to so many nearby cities that are not as known but also have incredible treasures in its streets. This is the case of Manresa, a city in the heart of Catalonia that will surprise you.

Manresa, the heart of Catalonia

The city retains its medieval charm and, in fact, you can not make a trip to Manresa without visiting the carrer del Balç (Balç Street): a street that still retains the deck structure of the Middle Ages and there are theatrical visits to recreate how life was in those days; it even has its own interpretation center. A must! Of this time there is still plenty to see: the Basilica of Santa Maria, the wall, the old bridge…

Carrer del Balç de Manresa

 Balç Street (Autor: Angela Llop via / CC BY-SA)

From the Modernist era there is also a lot to see: the Torrents House, the Arpa Kiosk, Casa Lluvià, the Convento de Santa Clara, the factory La Florinda, the institute Lluis Peguera or Casa Torra are just some examples of the contributions of Manresa to Catalan modernism. Many of these buildings were built after the old medieval walls were demolished, so are part of the expansion of Manresa and are therefore far from the medieval old town.

If you want to make a general tour of the city to see the most important things, we recommend a tour of the Basilica of Santa Maria, the carrer of Balç, Plaza Mayor, la Plana de l’Om, Casa Torrents and the Casino: so you walk in a circular route that will take you around the historic center of Manresa.

Uno de los grandes atractivos de Manresa es la imponente basílica de Santa María (Autor: Ludo29880 via / CC BY-SA)

Basílica de Santa María (Autor: Ludo29880 via / CC BY-SA)

In addition, you can enjoy the cuisine of the city and, especially, its wines, highly regarded throughout Catalonia. Oh, and, of course, you can do a little shopping! Do not miss the commercial hub of the city!

Near Barcelona there are towns and cities that are worth visiting, that is the case of Manresa. The proximity of the Youth Hostel Pere Tarres to Sants station and Plaça Espanya make it the best hostel in Barcelona. Stay with us and discover Manresa!

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Photo credit: Ramon Barcons via / CC BY-SA


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