Short trip to Girona

Vista del casco antiguo de Girona desde el puente del río Oñar

Culture and nature, past and present, proximity and globality. That is Girona, a city you will love. Even you could spend days and days walking its streets, if you plan to make a trip to Girona and do not have too much time, we will explain you what it is that you have to see for sure. Shall we start?

A good starting point for any visit may be the stone bridge, one of the most important in the city. This is where the Ramblas begin, where you’ll find endless terraces and cafes. This avenue is lined with arcades with small gargoyles: which, we are told, make people fall in love…

If you walk under the arches, remember to look up. Do you know why? You will be surprised to find a map of Paris! It is said that once there was a Parisian store that did not have much success and, for this reason, decided to paint the map: thus, the people of Girona would know better Paris and will be more interested in the shop. Unfortunately, now this store is gone and the reason is unknown. Who knows!

Another curiosity that awaits you in your holiday to Girona is the watchful eye: it is an eye carved on the facade of a building. If you ask any inhabitant of the city, he will tell you that a long time ago there was a music school, and parents used the eye to ensure that children were going to class. You’ll find it on the pharmacy street.

Nor can you miss the bomb shelter of the Civil War: Located on a playground. It is an awesome experience, especially if you can attend one of the recreations organized by the Museum of History of the city. Of course, remember to book your place in advance

In the old town, you will see that all the streets have names of trades and professions, like an echo of the past that recalls the medieval splendor of the city. This medieval charm lasts yet in the impressive cathedral: the gothic single Cathedral largest in Europe, so it is worth a visit.

If after so much walking you start feeling a bit hungry, don’t worry: here, gastronomy breathe everywhere. Traditional cuisine, fine wines, artisan sausages… Undoubtedly, you will not have trouble finding a restaurant to eat great. Oh, and try not to leave the town without tasting the local beer: Moska.

The name of this beer is due to the legend of San Narciso, patron of the city, that protected Girona from the French invasion: when the king opened the tomb of the patron, thousands of flies flew and killed him.

And wait! Did you think of leaving Girona go without kissing the ass of the lioness? Remember: if you want to return to the city, you have to go to the street Calderers kiss it: it is the quintessential tourist icon, so, you must visit it!

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Photo credit: DeGust / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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