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Sant Antoni Barcelona

Belonging to the district of l’Eixample, Sant Antoni neighborhood has become one of the most popular in the city of Barcelona. Although it has not always enjoyed such recognition it is currently one of the most popular for its varied cuisine. With the opening of new restaurants, pastry shops and other businesses, and the remodeling of old shops, this Barcelona neighborhood has seen grow its wealth, both economically and culturally. If you are thinking about visiting Barcelona and enjoy its beauty but do not know where to start, then we show you things you can not miss in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni.

  • Mercado de Sant Antoni. Built since 1882, this market is the jewel of the modern and popular district of Sant Antoni, besides being one of the most important of Barcelona. The popularity of this market lies in the diversity and uniqueness of the products sold every Sunday inside, known as Dominical de Sant Antoni. Especially if you are a lover of classical and ancient, you definitely can not miss the opportunity to visit the market this day, because here you’ll find famous, old, classics and all kinds of material and collectors, unique and exclusive.
  • Ronda Sant Pau. Although it is not known as one of the most beautiful avenues in the city, it is known for being one of the busiest and acclimated. Also, like many other streets of Barcelona, ​​it is decorated with rows of trees that allow us to enjoy the changing seasons and beauty of nature.
  • Restoration and shops. One of the most distinctive features of Sant Antoni, in addition to its spectacular market, is the quality of its cuisine and service offerings. Here you can experience one of the most important traditions of Barcelona, ​​the appetizer with a good vermouth. However, it is not only known for its bars, restaurants and shops, because this Barcelona neighborhood offers some of the best cultural spaces. This applies to the art gallery Escalera de Incendios, located on Calle Parlament, where creativity and meaning are represented. Surprise yourself and visit the exhibits!
  • Els Encants de Sant Antoni. Its particular structure formed by street stops where all kinds of products can be found make it a market that reminds us when hawking permeated the streets of Barcelona.

Visit Sant Antoni neighborhood, discover its secret corners, stroll its markets and enjoy its food!

Autor foto de portada: Oh-Barcelona.com / photo on flickr

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