Secret terraces of Barcelona

Terrazas secretas de Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that seduces, no doubt. You can enjoy the festivities of some of its neighborhoods, its wide gastronomic offer, go to the best concerts and shows… That’s fine, but also you want some rest! With so typical hot weather of summer in the city, what can be better than taking something refreshing in one of the many terraces of Barcelona? But what if you also enjoy the tranquility in a secret terrace? Yes, you hear right! Terraces inside a shop, a bookstore, on the back of a building, are not easy to find! But do not worry, we’ll help you!

Discover with us the secret terraces of Barcelona that we recommend!

1. Olocuti

First, we highlight the Olokuti store, located in Gracia neighborhood. It’s a fair trade shop with a back garden where you can enjoy a tea, a homemade dessert and forget about everything in this magical place of flowers and plants so respectful with the environment. If you need to disconnected from everything and everyone, this place will help you!

2. Café d’Estiu

Café d'Estiu

Cafè d’Estiu terrace.

The Café d’Estiu Barcelona is a terrace open only in summer, so it is a must to visit it! The terrace is in the courtyard of the Museum Frederic Marès in the Gothic Quarter. You will feel privileged to live a true peace that follows this very idyllic place. Yes, museums always invite a good conversation, a meeting, or simply reading a novel.

3. Primero Primera Hotel

Primero Primera

Primero Primera terrace is magical.

In some hotels in the city you will find terraces that could be unnoticed. One of them is the Hotel Primero Primera located 10 minutes from the city center. It is a family boutique hotel built in 1955 and where the owner family have lived with 8 children. It has a small, leafy terrace, a gem to share with friends or family… A truly magical place!

4. El Cafè de La Central

The terrace of the Cafè de la Central, is one of the best in town! It is in a leafy garden with trees and vegetation where you can relax in one of its literary corners in this island located in the heart of Eixample. Breathing the cultural atmosphere of the place, leaving you intoxicated by the silence and absolute tranquility are some of the sensations you will feel if you follow our recommendation.

5. Federal Café

Federal Café

Federal Café terrace

The beautiful terrace of The Federal Café is absolute disconnection. It is located in Parlament street, in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni. It is a quiet and comfortable space in the second floor of the bar/cafe. It is also one of the best places in town to have a brunch. Are you going to miss it?

6. Casa Ignacio Puig Garden

If you want a romantic garden on the Rambla in Barcelona nothing better than the Garden of the Casa Ignacio Puig. It is a small, unknown space, accessed through the Hotel Petit Palace Opera Garden or through a small entrance located on the street Aroles. .

7. Caseta del Migdia

La Caseta del Migdia is a secret place, surrounded by some mystery. Yes, imagine, leafy trees, pure nature. Booth is hidden in Montjuïc, in the Mirador del Migdia. If you prefer to forget you are in a busy city, living near the natural surroundings, and enjoy one of the best views of the city… it will captivate you!

By the way, we trust you, do not forget to keep the secret!


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