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In Barcelona, vermouth is one of the most traditional rituals among the locals. Since ancient times, people of Barcelona tend to take a small snack before lunch. This practice is observed, especially on Sundays and holidays, as people have more time to wander the spectacular streets in the old city and meet with friends and family in bars of the districts with more vermouth culture. So, if you’ve decided to visit Barcelona and would like to know the path of the most popular vermouth bars, here we show you by neighborhoods.

Gràcia is known for being one of the most welcoming and have several emblematic squares, each with specialized vermouth bars. But what is vermouth? It is a drink based on white wine, absinthe and other species and bitter herbs. Typically, each bar is specialized in a type of vermouth to differentiate themselves and be unique. The best known are the white and red.

4210364475_b81336bc25_z (1)                                           Autor: Angela Rutherford / photo on flickr

Continuing with the route of vermouth, from the neighborhood of Gràcia we go to Sant Antoni, famous for its shopping and restaurant activities. As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Barcelona, you can enjoy the history that permeates its streets while enjoying a delicious vermouth in one of the bars or wineries. For sun lovers who prefer to sit in the outdoor areas of bars and restaurants, the neighborhood of Sant Antoni has multiple terraces where you can order your vermouth accompanied by olives and watch the street activity.

We could finish the route of vermouth here and take some time to get into one of the many restaurants in this shopping district and try Catalan cuisine. However, if you still have time and want to continue discovering corners of Barcelona, ​​finish the route on one of the most known neighborhoods for the practice of vermouth, Poblesec. Here there are some of the mythical bars and bodegas in Barcelona specialized in this tradition.

6511024947_d963cf67d3_z (1)                                                Autor: BCNinternet / photo on flickr

Although these represent the most popular neighborhoods of Barcelona for this traditional ritual, in practically every bar and restaurant in town is usual to serve this typical drink of Catalonia. Walk through the streets of Barcelona, discover its stories and try a vermouth while you enjoy the view of one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Autor foto Portada: Angela Rutherford / photo on flickr

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