Play Bowling in Barcelona

Juega a los bolos en Barcelona

If you are also passionate about bowling and you can not separate yourself from them on your trips, you are in luck because we are going to discover the best bowling spots in Barcelona, where you can enjoy your favorite sport on your visit to the Catalan capital. Bowling opportunities in Barcelona go by three names: el Bowling Pedralbes, the New Park in Maquinista and Ilusiona Center in Diagonal Mar, the last two are in two of the most prominent shopping centers in the city.

Where to play bowling in Barcelona

Bowling Pedralbes


Our first bowling is the Bowling Pedralbes, also known as “the Barça” for being next to the Camp Nou, although they have nothing to do with eachother. In fact, the Bowling Pedralbes has more than 35 years of history that have led it to become a reference in the city. It has 14 tracks, as well as table football, billiards and a restaurant where we can snack quickly or enjoy their homemade menus. We find offers of all kinds, including menus, and you can play starting at €2 with university or Carnet Jove.

New Park Bowling La Maquinista


In the year 2000 the New Park Bowling of La Maquinista opened its doors, something smaller than the rest of the bowling alleys but just as interesting. Not only it allows us to play bowling in Barcelona on its 12 tracks, but we can do it from only €4 a game and allows us to book it in advance from their website, so we will save time on waiting when we arrive. And, of course, we can enjoy the pizzas and paninis of their bar. They recently opened another bowling spot in L’Hospitalet.

Ilusiona Center Diagonal Mar

We now go to the Diagonal Mar shopping center, where we find the Ilusiona Center and as many as 20 tracks to play bowling in Barcelona. They also have a large recreational area that includes foosball, billiards or recreational machines of all kinds. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays you can play for €6.50 a game, soft drinks and shoes included; but on Wednesdays we have 4 games for only €10 – in addition to shoes and soda.

Bowling championships in Barcelona

Campeonatos de Bolos

In the city you can’t only play bowling, you can also participate in the championships organized by the bowling centers of Barcelona.

In its period of maximum splendor, there were up to 20 bowling places operating at the same time in Barcelona, but the offer has been reduced in the recent years. However, the current bowling spots of Barcelona are perfectly equipped, and offer us all the services we need to enjoy a day of bowling: shoe rental, bar service and, how could it be otherwise, bowling championships. 

In the Bowling Pedralbes and in the New Park Bowling we can participate in the bowling tournaments that are organized periodically. Each bowling alley has its own leagues, a different way of enjoying bowling with our friends. It does not matter if you are going to spend a long period of time in Barcelona or if your stay is punctual, if you have a team you can contact the bowling place to find out about the bowling league they organize and the tournaments that take place in their courts.

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