Plans with children in Barcelona, enjoy your kids!

Planes con niños en Barcelona

When we want to enjoy with our family, many lose ourselves from a huge range of plans.

The first years of a child’s life are critical to socialize, offer them all kinds of experiences, help them discover what they enjoy. The important thing here is to find a large number of activities and compare them with their age: perhaps the MACBA can be a great museum, but our children do not always have sufficient knowledge yet; however, depending on their age you can spend a fantastic day at the Museum of Cultures, in the Aquarium or the great monuments of Catalonia in miniature.

We suggest ten different plans, entertaining and for different ages that you can not miss in Barcelona. Do you dare?

The 10 best plans with children in Barcelona!

#1 CosmoCaixa

Heaading the list there is the Museum of Science or CosmoCaixa. An excellent opportunity to learn about science both parents and children and will enable us to bring the little ones to many subjects (biology, chemistry, geology, astronomy, etc.) in an empirical way. The Bosc inundat also offers the unique recreation of the Amazon forest in Europe.

#2 Catalunya en miniatura

By Jordiferrer (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

 (Autor: Jordiferrer / CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL / via Wikimedia Commons)

Where we can find areas and monuments of the province in a single space; It is a perfect museum for its simplicity to draw the attention of kids and see what other areas could be interesting to see in their city.

#3 Illa Fantasia

In Vilassar de Dalt there is one of the most famous water parks in Catalonia. Isla Fantasia water allows us to enjoy family: slides, pools, pipes … and everything you can imagine.

#4  Tibidabo Amusement Park

Avión del Parque de Atracciones del Tibidabo

Fun and good views in Tibidabo.

Its classic amusement activities are enough to spend a day with kids between the Museum of Mirrors (Miramiralls Zone), the Camí del Cel (sky path) and many other activities for the kids. More affordable and accessible than Port Aventura, Tibidabo can be the perfect weekend if you do not have much time.

#5 Natupark

In Cerdanyola del Valles we found a perfectly suited park area for children: rope bridges, zip line, lianas or logs are some of the perfect activities to exercise and enjoy ourselves.

#6 L’Aquarium

And if they like animals and water, Aquarium can be perfect to complement a family day at the Maremagnum. More than 8,000 animals and 450 species as well as educational workshops, tours and activities to keep learning!

#7 Theatre and music!

By the time we get tired of watching movies for children, we can choose a different way through which to introduce children to classical music, theater or to other more specific interests. Any children’s show in the Auditorium or MiniGrec will be a guaranteed success, but we can also choose other options in the neighborhoods, if we so prefer.

#8 Barcelona’s botanical garden

The classic choice to bring our children to plant life; a place created to preserve a large number of species in Montjuïc, their prices are affordable and the variety is huge.

#9 Zoo de Barcelona

Zoo de Barcelona - Todo Barcelona

Barcelona’s zoo

If the Aquarium is about sea, the zoo (in the Ciutadella of the Olympic Village) collects all kinds of animal species from five continents; a fun visit that will also allow us to begin to address important issues such as respect for the animal and plant life with our children, for example.

#10 Actividades al aire libre

Parque del Laberinto de Horta

Hosta’s Laberynth

Finally, remember that both Barcelona and the other municipalities and towns in Catalonia have spectacular sea and mountain areas; in Barcelona, also, Collserola and the Olympic Village can be magical places to make plans with children.

Enjoy them, the grow up fast!

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