Passeig de Sant Joan, the new trendy street in Barcelona

The Passeig de Sant Joan is the new trendy street in Barcelona, but it hasn’t been always like this. Although the Passeig is one of the most important streets of the Eixample quarter, during many years the Passeig de Sant Joan was relegated as a quite boring street, shadowed by Passeig de Gràcia or the Paral·lel.

In 2008 an urbanistic reform reduced the car lanes and enlarged the pavements. At the same time, one of the most used bike lanes of the city was placed in the middle of the street. Nowadays the Passeig the Sant Joan is living an explosion of new trendy locations that live together with the traditional ones and some of the best Chinese restaurants in the city.

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Discover Passeig de Sant Joan!

The 'Arc del Triomf' marks the starting point of the Passeig de Sant Joan.

The ‘Arc del Triomf’ marks the starting point of the Passeig de Sant Joan.

The Arc de Triomf (Arch of Triumph)

This is the starting point of our stroll through the trendy city boulevard. Though many locals have seen the arch only a few ones are aware that this one is the only arch of triumph that does not celebrate a military victory, but the scientific and civil progress.  Built with red bricks and following the Mudejar style, it was the entrance gate to the 1888 Universal Exhibition premises. It was built the 20th of may of the same year and restored in 1989. Want to know more about the Arc de Triomf’s history? Click here!

Bar Lleida, Passeig de Sant Joan, 4.

A lifelong bar without ambitions, right by the Metro and train stations that has a terrace with a view to the Arc de Triomf. A meeting point for the locals and the starting, or finishing, point of an afternoon walk on the avenue.

The “Freaky Triangle”. Passeig de Sant Joan 1 to 15 (several locations

Around the legendary comic shop Norma Còmics (Psg. Sant Joan, 5) has appeared a string of other stores specialised in the comic books universe.  All of them supported by an army of unconditional fans, this area represents a unique point in the city  with shops like Goblintrader, dedicated to miniatures, Gigamesh where you can play the legendary Magic card game or other role games with your friends or strangers; or the clothing store Madame Chocolat, specialised in Japanese trends.

Blbiloteca Arús (Arús library), Passeig de Sant Joan, 26

The Rossend Arús Public Library, almost unknown even by many inhabitants of Barcelona, contains a vast collection of books about social movements and anarchism. But what makes worth a visit is its Victorian look, almost taken from a film: wooden furniture, glass lamps and a reproduction of the Paris Statue of Liberty. Living History of the city.

Dim Sum Cantonesas. Passeig de Sant Joan, 44

The Passeig Sant Joan limits with the Fort Pienc quarter, which is becoming Barcelona’s Chinatown. The Dim Sum Cantonesas is one of the city’s most authentic Chinese restaurants, far form the usual version based on Spring Rolls and the “Special Fried Rice” dish from a few years ago. Cheesy decoration and paper napkins in a box but a 100% original and delicious food. If you like Chinese food, you’ll love the Dim Sum.

Restaurant Sant Joan. Passeig de Sant Joan, 65

Daily lunch menu and fresh market cuisine at a good price and excellent quality. This is what Maria Glòria and her mom, Glòria, offer to you. A restaurant where getting a table during lunchtime gets pretty tricky, so have no rush. Like every appreciated daily lunch menu restaurant, on Thursdays the star dish is the Catalan paella.

The Loch Inn. Passeig de Sant Joan, 74

A Scottish Pub and Sports Bar where you can have one of the imported beers and ales as you watch a rugby match or one of the English or Scottish Premier Leagues or La Liga competitions. The Loch Inn is a popular spot in the neighbourhood both by locals and “adopted” or passing by Scots. Our recommendation: try the nachos and join one of the contests organised by the pub crew.

Chicha Limoná. Passeig de Sant Joan, 80

ChichaLimoná is one of the gastronomic phenomena of the year. A double space created by the Chef Pau Arenós where you can enjoy its daily €12 menu or share some Tapas with your companion; have a Sunday breakfast or brunch; buy a daily fresh made baguette from the inside Cloudstreet Bakery while you have a cappuccino. Neither fish nor fowl, that’s the English translation of the Spanish expression “Ni chicha ni limoná”, but very well performed.

Granja Petitbó. Passeig de Sant Joan, 82

Just by the ChichaLimoná you can find an emblematic spot: the Granja Petitbó bistro. By its look it seems that it has been at the corner with Carrer Aragó for ages, but the fact is that it was actually opened in 2013. The atmosphere and decoration inspired on the Northern European bars and the word of mouth have made of this place a must in Barcelona.  Pancakes; “Benedict” eggs or bacon and eggs; daily homemade cakes; juices and smoothies and their essential vegetarian dishes.

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