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Born between Montjuïc and the Mediterranean, Poble Sec is unlike any other neighborhood in Barcelona. A genuine, intense and, above all, different character make the Poble Sec one of the most interesting areas of the city. And its main artery, Avenida del Parallel, bustles with more life than ever.

From a vermouth with friends to places where food becomes an object of worship, Parallel has interesting places for everyone. Historical places like El Molino, recall the past of a traditionally poor neighborhood, that has managed to reinvent itself over the years but at the same time, has made it clear that it doesn’t want to say goodbye to his roots.



Paralel, where the cuisine becomes art

The leisure offer in the Parallel is more than varied. Places to drink, restaurants … Therefore, we have prepared a selection of 5 places you can not miss if you want to leave with the feeling of having known true Poble Sec Do you you come with us?

  • Bread and circuses. Different, tasty and above all, carefully prepared sandwiches are the best of this place. It is not very big, but it’s worth a little squeeze to enjoy.
  • Quimet & Quimet. Perhaps the most striking of Quimet & Quimet is its vintage beauty, but the truth is that its dishes seem really come from another era. If you want a genuine taste, this is your place!
  • Pakta. If you like fusion cuisine, this is your place: Peruvian-Japanese cuisine with Mediterranean touches. There are no words to describe it, you have to visit!
  • La bella Napoli. When you walk into this place it looks like you’re moving to authentic Naples: boisterous, cheeky and above all, tasty! You will love their pizzas.
  • La Federica. Its retro air blend perfectly with its range of sweets: do not miss the brunch they serve on weekends.
Quimet Quimet

(Autor: 3nt / photo on flickr)


And if what you want is enjoy tapas at its best, we have to recommend you one thing: go to Blai Street. This bustling street never sleeps, and you will find everything. And everything means everything: children playing soccer, kebabs, tourists, neighbors … And above all, in Blai Street you will find much life. A street that has reinvented itself without losing the charm of its origins.

Do not miss the crowded terraces on which to enjoy some pintxos, vermouth and best beers. From here we recommend you to go to La tasqueta de Blai, the Koska or Barramon, but the truth is that it is hard not to find a place that you fall in love with. The best? A pilgrimage for every one of them!

Sure we have left dozens of places to which it is worth going but, as we always say, it is best to walk through the streets and let you go. 


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